With the VSF planted, 17 warriors took to the isolated and often unpredictable grounds of Roanoke Park for some team competition and negotiations with the locals.


  • SSH x 25
  • Mountain Climbers x 25
  • Monkey Pumpers x 13
  • Jack Webbs to 6


First order of business – Pax divide into two platoons, one comprised of 8 men, the other comprised of 9.  Pax are then instructed to choose a battle buddy within their platoon. The two platoons are briefed on a timed mission that must be accomplished.  One platoon works on the mission, the other gets in a work out.

The mission? Pax must navigate secret tunnels (no, they’re not real tunnels) running the length of Roanoke Park (starting at the backstop) and find several coupons on the basketball court.  Said coupons must be carried around the entire perimeter of the park as fast as possible, re-deposited as found, and then the Pax must navigate the tunnels back to the starting point.  Since the tunnels are small, Pax must bear crawl the entire length of the park, stopping at the halfway point (benches) to pay a friendly local with 10 burpee box-jumps for each Pax.  The toll is enforced both directions.  The coupons? The heavy bag, heavy pipe, red sled, and weighted barbell.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, the other team completes the following workout with their battle buddy, as many rounds as possible:

  • Mama Junk Flips x 3 / LBC’s
  • Jane Webbs to 5 (with cinder blocks)
  • Overhead Bulgarian Split Squats x 5 each leg / LBC’s
  • Big 21s with olympic bar / Tricep Extension with plate
  • Curtis P x 5 / LBC’s
  • Medicine ball toss – keg toss style across park to partner and back x 10
  • 15 Mericans & 10 Pull-ups, 2 sets each

Platoon #1 wins the toss and elects to go first, completing the mission in a respectable 17:30. Teams flapjack, and Platoon #2 is not to be outdone, coming in with a cool 16:15.

Fair to say that the Pax were smoked after this one.


  • Platoon #1 apologies for the workout running a bit long – their completion time was slower than expected.
  • By the same token, Platoon #2 apologizes for completing the mission so quickly, probably not allowing Platoon #1 enough time for an adequate workout.
  • Make sure you RSVP for the Christmas party
  • Prayers with Gnobby and (newly arriving) family