NOTE: DPR = Dawn Patrol Regular

With the Summer of Shaggy and F3 Raleigh summer tours abound, several guests from “the other guys’ workout” made an appearance at Roanoke this morning. And we were glad to have them. With that, the #PABnation needed to show a little hospitality and welcome our guests from across town with a litttle good livin’, Heavy Metal style. Let’s do it.


  • Lap around the park
  • SSH x 20
  • Imperial Walkers x 20
  • Good Mornings x 10 (2-count)
  • Merkins x 10 (2-count)


Pax count off in 1’s and 2’s (this IS The Thinking Man’s Workout), 1’s partner up and take on Circuit #1, 2’s pair up to conquer Circuit #2. The goals is to make it through the respective circuit as many rounds as possible before time is called (and a switch to the other circuit). YHC thinks the Pax found a couple of the stations to be smoke shows…and time consuming.


  • Stop #1: Bench Press x AMRAP
  • Stop #2: Cinder Block Sumo Shuffles x 30 yards (Pax hold cinder block in front rack position, squat down, side shuffle one step, drop to knees one at a time, back on feet one at a time, rinse and repeat for 15 yards out, switch directions 15 yards back) #notfun
  • Stop #3: Medicine Ball Slams x 20 (Hold medicine ball over your head, slam to ground as fast as possible – or bounce to your partner)
  • Stop #4: Cinder Block Reverse Lunge Single-arm Press x 20
  • Stop #5: Pull-ups x 10
  • Stop #6: 1/2 lap around park


  • Stop #1: Mama Junk flips x 5
  • Stop #2: Dumbbell Overhead Lunge Walks x 30 yards
  • Stop #3: Burpees x 20
  • Stop #4: Squat & Press x 20
  • Stop #5: Chin-ups x 10
  • Stop #6: 1/2 lap around park

Pax worked through 1+ times through each circuit, switching at half-way point for a new pain experience.


  • LBC x 30
  • 6″ Leg Hold x 3-count around the circle


  • Great to see some of the Dawn Patrol regulars out at Heavy Metal. You guys are alright. Costco even admitted he liked Heavy Metal. #tellyourfriendsbrah
  • Komen Race is this weekend. YHC apologies for the leg blast this morning.
  • Fall Mud Run sign-ups are live – check F3nation website for details