Costco went to Camp Seagull and Zima went to Greensboro.  That left the Q in the hands of third-stringers YHC (Larry David) and Cornholio,  Despite these trying times, a PAX of 24 showed enthusiasm for a fun workout on a steamy May morning.

SSH x 20
SealJack x 20
Fazio Arm Circles x 20 each direction
Mountain Climbers x 20

Break into two lines of 12 for Indian Run around track.  After completing one lap, YHC felt another lap was in the cards – so we did went around again for a 1/2 mile total Indian Run.

Find a partner and assemble at the bottom of the stairs that lead down to the track.  Yes, it was time for YHC’s favorite exercise – Stairbarrow.  Pretty self-explanatory – partner one wheelbarrow up the stairs and at the top do 10 derkins while still in the wheelbarrow position.  Run around access ramp to base of stairs and flapjack.  Repeato.  After two rotations, YHC felt the PAX had one more in them – so repeat again.  After three full rotations, the PAX got a well deserved break from stairbarrow.


Find a spot on the railing along the access ramp.
Reverse bench press x 20
Dips x 20
Irkins x 20
All of the above done in cadence with four movements per count.

At this point, we were 30 minutes in and it was time to turn the PAX over to Cornholio.
Job to First Citizens and start with a bear crawl to the ATM (about 75 yards)
Circle up in grass and start with some tough 8 point man-makers x 15
Nippler x 20
Merkins x 20

Job to parking deck – run to the top backwards.  Try to take the stairs back down – but the doors are locked so run down the deck.  Back to grass field for another set of 8 point man makers x 15.

LBCs x 20
Scissor kicks x 20
Merkins x 20
Freddy Mercury x 25
Six inch leg hold five count around the PAX

There may have been another exercise or two sprinkled in there but this is generally the tale of woe for Catalyst.  Last but not least, Gnobby graciously took us out.