With the weather feeling closer to summer than it has in some time, the pax have started to come back out in force, and as YHC rolled into Pullen Saturday morning, this day would be no exception.

As T-Square called for a count off, the men headed to the Arena would need to clear out of the Pullen circle and prepare ourselves for the journey over.  After a look of confusion by some pax, the counting was back on track and YHC and crew were headed to THP.

Heading down Western boulevard, the banter was light, we were wondering if this would be a morning for another man of the Arena to step into the ring.  As we crossed the tracks on our way in, YHC gathered the pax for a word with God about our time to come and our strength to honor Him in the Arena.

Rounding our way out of the back lot we noticed Teddy was not alone, by way of Muscle Shoals Kaleb had stepped into the ring.  After some brief introductions, a fresh pair of gloves for the FNG, and a light disclaimer, YHC called for the pax to head to the field.

Warm-ups:  SSH x 15, Good Mornings x 10, Imperial Walkers x 15, Fazio Arm Circles x 10 e/w. Head to the bottom of the hill to get started.

Intreval run to the top of the field; 5 merkins before we start, 5 burpies at the first pole, 10 merkins at next pole, 10 burpies at the top.

YHC had noticed a group of picnic tables on previous trips to the top of the field, but the area was now obscured with brush and the tables were no longer in sight.  Choosing not to head through snake infested brush to see if we could spot them, YHC found a grassy trail around to  what we found to be an abandoned graveyard for pinic tables. The pax informed YHC of their doubt of the stability for using these tables to workout on.

Calling another audible, YHC spotted what he later determined to be part of Broughton Hospital at Dix Hill, with a curb in site we headed over for a few rounds of quick feet and mini dips x 15.  Now closer to the building YHC noticed a ledge on the exterior that would work well for a few rounds of L/R step-ups and irkins x 15.

Noting the bars on the windows and realizing their purpose was likely imprisonment not exclusion, this once state run Asylum was now the scene of freedom, not just freedom from addiction but freedom to join this pax of men in the gloom.  Freedom now to gather as a brother of F3, to be linked to something greater than ones self.

As we jogged back to the top of the field, YHC called another interval run back to where we started a little lighter on the burpies and into merkins. Jog to the courtyard to finish things off.

Find a spot on the bench for more L/R step-ups and erkins x 15.  Circle up for a few minutes of Mary.

Mary: LBC’s x 25, Rosalita’s x 15, American Hammers x 15.  Done

COT:  Name-o-rama was something you could tell the pax was greatly anticipating.  We soon learned Kaleb Gunner 25 was from Alabama and enjoyed playing guitar.  With his home state being host to one the famous music cities and nothing catchier coming to mind, we settled on Free Bird.

YHC reminded the pax of Matthew 6: 25-34, how God reminds us of the flowers of the field and the birds of the air, how if He provides for all their needs, how much more will He provide for our’s.  Additionally that we need not worry about tomorrow, that it has plenty of worries of it’s own.  Relax in the peace He has given us for today.

Free Bird gave us all he appreciation and assured the pax that we would see him next weekend.  Orwell hopped into his trusty Volvo, and we were off for the trek back to Pullen.

Please consider joining us in the Arena, our presence in situations like this makes the difference.