Jog up to the gazebo with a stair run x 2
Halt at the circle for some warm up:
Good mornings x 15
Mountain climbers x 20
Fazio arm circles x 15 forward and back
Standing dead lift x 10 ea leg
Dan Jansen x 10 ea leg
Standing lunges x 20

Move up into the gazebo for alt R/L step ups, dips and irkins all x 10 in cadence and repeat three times.

Run up to Pullen Rd for some ab work (not in the road)
Plank hold x 10
Sarkozy and Putin x 10 ea
Hello Dolly’s x 20
Box cutters x 10
LBC x 20

Run to the parking deck lower level:
Run backwards up the ramp and plank it out
Standard Merkins x 10 in cadence
Karaoke on the flats and repeat four levels

Walking lunges forward at the top.
Then, run some lines on the top deck.
Run forward a parking space, touch the rail, run back and side shuffle four spaces. Repeat to the end.
Plank hold until finished.
Walking lunges backwards to the opposite drive aisle and repeat the drill.
Bear crawl the short side and the take the stairs back down.

Return to the grass circle for a quick Mary.
6″ leg hold until everyone returns.
Box cutters x 10
Bridge march x 10 ea leg
Russian hammers x 20