Hi-Fidelity returned to short bursts of speed this week as we picked up YHC’s personal favorite – the 200-400-800 pyramid.

We began with a 2 lap Indian Run for warm-up, unheard of in these parts.   Followed by a circle of active stretching – Good Mornings x 13, Imperial Walkers x 13,  Single Leg Dead lift x 10 x 2 (with stumbles from YHC)

The Workout – 2 x 200, 2 x 400, 1 x 800, 2 x 400, 2 x 200 all at R-Pace.  We recovered back to the start line with a fellowship jog (either 200 or 400 recovery).

“Run the 200 you should, not the 200 you could”.  YHC provided a friendly disclaimer that all of the work efforts are to be run at R-pace (mile race pace) and the 200’s will feel easy.  Resist the urge to fly on the 200s so that you can keep your speed on the 800.   I must admit that I stole this from Triathlon Race strategy.  In the tri, you have to focus on riding the bike leg you should, saving yourself for the run.  If you ride what you could, you are doomed to blow up on the run…

So much for the disclaimer… all, YHC included, flew out of the blocks for the first (and many on the second) 200.  The 400s were closer to target, but still fast.  My 800 was about right, but then it all went out the door for the last 2 400s and the 2 200s.

aside:  Enron 2.0 – “Dad is everything a race?”  – Why yes it is son… yes it is.

In the last 400, Ben Johnson hung just on YHC shoulder for 200 m, and then found a different gear – flying by me –  and all I could do was watch.  I was running a 5:10/mi pace (WAY TOO FAST) and had nothing left.  So, for the next 200, I decided I would not lose to him – and I jumped on it about 75m into the repeat.  I ended up with a 0:36 200m (4:45 pace) and finished by myself.

Not to be outdone, Au Pair registered an unofficial false start on the final 200, getting a 10m lead before the Pax realized what he had done, and only My Boy Blue got close to catching him, but alas – Au Pair won the final battle.

We recovered back to the steps and shared in COT.