Posted on behalf of Yosef

YHC felt very fortunate to lead a great group of men today! As we were on our 4th or 5th round of Tabata, I found myself looking around and you could almost see (and hear) the iron being forged (could have been the cinder blocks falling to the ground) and the strengthening of men that was taking place. There was plenty of grunting and sighs of relief after each round was completed. There was a lot to do, so rest was cut short.

Sponge Bob’s post the other day titled ‘It’s cold…WE GET IT’ was a great read and provided some inspiration. He included a great quote from Joe Paterno: “Today, you’ve got a decision to make. You’re gonna get better or you’re gonna get worse, but you’re not gonna stay the same. Which will it be?”


1 lap around the track

SSH x25

Imperial Walkers x20

Sir Fazio Arm Circles x10 (each way)

THE THANG (Thanks Tardy for bringing the cinder blocks!)


10 cones were placed about 10 yards apart to make a 100 yard course…

Suicide style regimen of sprinting to the first cone (1 diamond merkin), sprint back (one cinder curl), sprint to second cone (2 wide merkins), sprint back (2 cinder curls), sprint to third cone (3 diamond merkins), sprint back (3 cinder curls)…I think the point has been made

Part 2: The Tabata Tango

Grab a partner for Tabata…where 2 exercises are listed, partner’s alternated exercises (this helped share the cinder blocks amongst the PAX)

Round 1: The Dip

Round 2: Squat Jumps/Cinder Block Swings (Kettle Bell Swings)

Round 3: 2 circuits of each…Spider-Man Merkin, Diamond Merkin, Wide Merkin, Standard Merkin

Round 4: High Knees/Russian Hammer

Round 5: Starfish Plank/Cinder Block Curls


LBC x10

No time left for anything else



YHC was too excited (and exhausted) that name-o-rama was not completed. Thank you for your forgiveness. Howard will send a notice out about the New Year’s Convergence. Tardy motivated South Wake Q’s to step up with their Back Blast Posts (Done).

No prayer requests were spoken, but we continue to pray for guidance in our journey to become better men and praise God for the network of support he has given us through his Spirit and those around us. I am thankful for Key West introducing me to F3 while I was enjoying some delicious ice cream (Sunni Sky’s for those of you in the know). Enjoy some time with your families and Merry Christmas to all!