Upon learning last week that the Utah Farewell Tour was making a stop at True Grit, YHC knew he had to get creative to crank up the pain and mumble chatter so that our Brah would have a fond memory of F3 Raleigh’s manliest workout.  In addition, the Christmas spirit of giving was finally upon me and thus my gift to the pax this morning would be a hearty helping of new or rarely seen exercises in F3 Raleigh.  20 pax braved the cold gloom and post party fogginess to see what presents their Q had in store.

Warm Up

Seal Jacks x 20 – run the parking lot loop;
Jingle Balls x 10 – run the parking lot loop;
Imperial Squat Walkers x 10;
Mini Merkin Pyramid up to 5 and back

Thang 1

Head over to the Dam Hill (mumble chatter begins already) for the Bear Went Over the Mountain to Rock City:

Partner up.  Each pair gets a rock.  Partner 1 bear crawls up the mountain and does 5 burpees at peak before crawl bear (backwards bear crawl) back down.  Partner 2 does AMRAP rock squat press.  Flapjack.  Repeato but with rock curls for 2nd set.

Thang 2

Run up to the upper parking lot for the Inchworm:

Starting at one end of parking lot, Partner 1 bear crawls to first line and stops; Partner 2 star planks until Partner 1 stops, then bear crawls to partner, slaps his foot, and then Partner 1 takes off to next line, etc. down to other end of lot.  Sprint back.  Repeato for Round 2 but waiting partner does merkins this time around.

Thang 3

Mosey over to the picnic tables with your partner.  Single leg squat jumps x 10 each leg, partner dips (one partner plank while other dips with feet on partner’s back) x 15, single leg squat jumps x 8 each leg, partner dips x 10.

Thang 4

Recover on the run down to the big bridge for Lindsays (aka 40s):

Similar to 11s, but for real men, 40s are as follows.  On one side of bridge merkins x 30, run / ice skate to other side of bridge for squat jumps x 10.  Continue in increments of 5 until merkins x 10 and squat jumps x 30.  Multiple plank holds while the group finishes.

Run back to starting parking lot for Mary.

LBC x 20
Hollow Rocks x 20


RSVP for Christmas party, oh wait…
No workouts on Christmas, Wolf Run & Late Night on the 26th.
Not too early to start thinking about the Spring Mud Run. April 11th is the date. Put it on your calendar.  That’s Masters weekend so  you can either 1) be a sissy and go to Augusta and/or plant your six on your couch at home watching golf, or 2) be a real man and get muddy with your fellow Pax.

Prayer requests followed by a closing thought from YHC.  A simple 5-word phrase, easy to remember, yet a powerful reminder for us all – Let Go and Let God.  Ball of Man with the group saying the Lord’s Prayer took us out.


Utah gave a heartfelt thanks to everyone for helping make the farewell tour a success.  Goes without saying, F3 Raleigh will miss you brah!

Mumble chatter was aplenty in the gloom (literally) this morning, even without MacGruber or Costco present.  Finally had some peace and quiet during the 40s.

Speaking of MacGruber, apparently the co Site Q for True Grit had 1 too many beers at the holiday party last night (ie, 1) and was unable to resist the fartsack temptation, forcing his co Q Zima, weak from his recent bout with the flu, to post in his absence.  Where to begin…?

Thanks to the Pax for their patience as we navigated through some new exercises.  Strong work by all.  Welcome to FNG Chernobyl – tough one to start your F3 journey on but we all look forward to seeing you back out in the gloom soon.

As always, a true honor to lead you men.  Merry Christmas to all and safe travels!