Disclaimer: no video of the Hulk throwing bears in this backblast.

Let me start by stating this: I don’t like pigs. I don’t ask people to squeal like pigs. Based on the peanut gallery’s(Azul & Costco)Twitter activity Friday afternoon, one would draw the conclusion that my parents are first cousins and I keep 20 head of wanton swine in my back yard. Catalyst is a great workout. It’s where I Q’d my first workout. Not only is the site great with lots to choose from, but it’s Saturday and the PAX is usually ready to cut loose. ‘Twas the case today. Wendell Gee and I welcomed 24 fine men, welcome back Seasoned Salt, into the gloom of North Hills today. A nip was in the air, a few flakes fell, and we had a lot of fun pushing one another this morning. Lotta mumblechatter this morning. Here’s what went down:

10 burpees OYO
10 burpees OYO
more mumblechatter
20 x SSH
15 x Windmill
10 x Fazios forward
10 x Fazios reverse
10 burpees OYO

At this point the mumblechatter escalated to epic proportions and I heard Peach Pit say, “who is this guy?” I thought to myself, “your worst nightmare PABs”, but I held my breath and farted instead.

Race to Chuy’s. Divide up into 8 groups of 3. Sprint to Chuy’s. Before the race is complete each group has to do a total of 150 derkins, 200 dips, 250 squats. WG challenged the PAX to spread it out and save all the exercises for the end. It made the race more fun this way. Our group would stop and see another group take off running. Nobody knew who was winning this way because there was always a group doing exercises and another taking off running. Excellent idea and great fun doing this set.

Split into 2 groups at the concrete ledge separating the grass from the stage section.
Group 1 sprints to Chuy’s and back. Group 2 AMRAP burpee box jumps. Flapjack.
Group 1 sprints to Chuy’s and back. Group 2 AMRAP box jumps. Flapjack.
Group 1 sprints to Chuy’s and back. Group 2 AMRAP sumo squats. Flapjack.
Group 1 sprints to Chuy’s and back. Group 2 AMRAP sumo squat jumps. Flapjack.

Plankwalk 10 steps to right, 10 steps to left. Merkins x 10

Mosey to ramp behind World of Beer.
Group 1 sprint up ramp, 5 burpees, bear crawl down.
Group 2 AMRAP merkins. Flapjack.

Mosey to FIrst Citizens yurt.
Group 1 bear crawls around the building, runs upstairs, 5 burpees, run downstairs.
Group 2 low plank hold. Flapjack.
*Audible called on the low plank hold to plankarama.

All PAX sprint around building, upstairs, downstairs, around building, upstairs, 10 burpees, downstairs, jog to end of parking lot. Broad jump to giant planters, AYG back to school.

Rosalita x Hushpuppy had some fine words and challenged the PAX that we are very lucky to be able to come out and do what we do, live where we live, have what we have with whom we have it. There are many men, of many different shades, who could/would benefit from F3. Can we open their world to F3? My immediate answer is YES! Look around. A lot of the PAX look alike. Why? Let’s change that in 2015. With such fine words, we had to have Hushpuppy take us out. And he did, in fine fashion.

Aye PABs!