12 pax posted for the first Thin Blue Line.  The Chapel Hill crew showed up with brass knuckles and nightsticks.  The Durham crew had nunchucks and bow staffs.  An Anchorman-style brawl commenced.  Thankfully there was a Charlotte contingent present to intervene, and a joint beatdown began…

The Thang:

Imperial Walkers
Mountain climbers
Willy Mays Hayes

Mosey to the PAINground and partner up…
One set of partners goes and does 10 pull-ups while the rest exercise
Mission Impossible
Dry Docks
Reverse LBCs

Mosey to the field for some Usain Bolts…
Dry Docks
Freddie Mercurys

Mosey on over to the rock pile, grab two rocks, head to the soccer field…
Walking lunge to midline and back with rocks
Top Shelf x 20
Walking lunge to midline
Curls x 20
Walking lunge to endline
Press x 20

Suicides with 10 merkins after each rep

Russian hammers
Hello Dollies
Reverse LBCs
Mission Impossible
Some other stuff


– Great start to the Durham/Chapel Hill partnership.  Think we’ve got a good core of guys to build on.  Time for some EHs.
– Will miss Mad Hatters, but Panera made a strong showing for coffeeteria.
– Tclaps to Adolphus for picking up for YHC when the blood stopped flowing to YHC’s brain.

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  • Aye. Great workout brothers. I second Moses’ BS call on the last round of lunge walks with rocks. Smoked.

    Looking forward to hitting up this workout again.

  • What? That’s all the moleskin you got from this inaugural workout? Where’s Adolphus weighin in? He was every where today.

    Here’s my moleskin: This was a great start to a great day. Tclaps to the men who survived lots of sprints and lunges; this refreshed the soreness brought on by DriveThru from Thursday. My FEBA call fell on deaf ears. Anybody heard that before? Maybe next time I’ll just call BS. The last set of lunges deserved Hitman’s BS call.

    Respect for Kanye and Shooters sprint efforts. Strong. No Larry Drew’s in this bunch.

    I was nearly the WarDaddy! Lots of hate in this group. I also felt pretty safe, until the Doc kicked his own@$$ and had to call a personal audible. Get well Riggs! Family, patients, and f3 need your leadership.

    Enjoyed the 2nd F along the way, Rodeo. Let me know when you’re back for a SodaShop shake or Wildcat Homecoming. I’ll be your wingman at a NoCo workout. Kick that Goruck in the teeth!

    Great crowd for Coffeeteria. Looking fwd to seeing Coach Dougherty pushf3 to my Lukewarm Catholic brothers. Put those stickers where everyone can see them.

    See you on my next father/son trip to ChHill

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