The pax were warned three times on twitter, but they still came out for The Enforcer’s beat down at DETENTION today.  Celebrating his 11th bday, he wanted to have his maiden Q and it was a tough one.  If you didn’t like bear crawling, you wouldn’t like this one!


Good morning x 10, windmill x 10, SSH x 20, Merkins in cadence x 11


Jog to the softball field and split into two groups, one going down first base line, the other down third.  5 merkins at home, 10 at the base, 15 at the fence, 20 at the base and 25 at home.

Bad news bears with monkey humpers.  (Bear crawl around the bases and do 11 monkey humpers at each base).

Mosey to the field for a set of 11’s.  Burpees and LBC’s – bear crawl down, crab walk back.  This was truly a bear.

Jog to the school ground and get ready for some Bear Balls.  BTTW x 11  in cadence, bear crawl to other side – repeato x 11.  This was just stupid.  Wrists were shot and shoulders killing.  Calmly, The Enforcer finished it up and said, “Follow Me”.

Around the track for and Indian run, then to the baseball field for a lap around the bases.

Back to the parking lot for LBC’s x 30, protractor all around, and Have a Nice Day (everyone welcomed this!).

No announcements or prayer requests.  Grady took us out.


As a dad, you hope that your children will grow up to be leaders, but there are no guarantees.  F3 has been a phenomenal way for YHC to get my boys in the mix with men I respect and want them to imitate.  The Enforcer is turning out to be a great kid and today was a wonderful example of him just saying, “Dad, I want to lead.”  Amen – Go for it!  Thank you pax for your support of him and encouragement along the way.