YHC was ready to hit the pavement again with the PAX, 2 weeks from BRR I definitely wanted to ramp up the intensity while reducing miles on the legs to recover before the event.  There is never a better time to be hitting the gloom then fall time with some training from the summer months under your belt the cool crisp air is inviting.  I can not stress enough that if you will be coming to this workout to invest in some high visibility gear, head lamp, blinkers, etc to make sure the PAX stay safe! (You’ll find out why soon).  It was great to have some westerners (Butt Wax and Banana Seat) make the trek over, thanks for pushing the PAX today!

EC: Run from home base to Timber Drive/50 and back to scout out the distance and timing for #GettintheRuns.  3 miles

The Thang:

Jogging High knees, Jogging Butt Kicks each 25 yards OYO

In Cadence Air Squats x10 and PAX up/downs (jog in place) each PAX around the circle yells down when its there turn, everybody down and up and continue around the circle (x8).

Line up for APACHE RUN from Home Base to Timber Dr. (PAX stays tight) while front man sprints back past the PAX to as far as he desires and sprints back and yells next.  Continue until we get to Timber.  Attempted to cross the street to get to Aldi and the sidewalk. Looking back I saw Freebird flying in front of a car.  I nearly puked and Pickin’ N’ Grinnin had to check his pants. Looked like the car was trying to speed up and Freebird was gunning to get across. Everybody safe but scared us there for a second. Stay safe, wear reflection, lights, heck roll around in lightning bugs before you come.  Just stay safe.

OYO run up the entire Timber Mountain to 50 and perform AMRAP (10 mountain climbers and 10 Squats) until the Six arrived and completed 3 rounds.  Plankarama and recovery.

OYO run back down to Aldi at your own pace, AMRAP (10 lunges and 10 plank jacks) for the six.

4 corners in Aldi parking lot (employees thought we had lost our mind), YHC is always looking for well lighted areas now that Fall/Winter time is coming.  OYO in each corner- 10 Burpees, 10 Double High knee Jumps, 10 Ranger Merkins, 10 Squats and plank for the six after you’re done.  Reverse the order and perform the same exercises x10 each. Plank for the six.

Scout run back to Home base, Freebird looked both ways this time crossing Timber.  Great to see everybody pushing the pace and sprinting out/back during their scout. Jailbreak to the flag with 200 yards to go. Felt Butt Wax on my butt at the end so I had to keep pushing. Recover.

Since the PAX was so freaking fast we had some time to spare and nothing better for injury prevention than a little Mary.  PAX Mary: Stretch (WWI in candence x15), BubbleWrap (Fredy mercury in cadence x15), Pickin’ N Grinnin (LBC’s in cadence x15), Ziploc (Superman in candence x10), FreeBird (American Hammer in cadence x12), Banana Seat (Canoes? in cadence x15).  Recover.

BOM: Farva’s Father in law, City of Houston and Texas (We need to try to gather up some resources to send down that way), Praise YHC son continues to improve at home after hospital stay (back at school).

Moleskin: Great work by everybody, awesome to see guys pushing each other. What I love about F3 is that everybody can finish at their own speed and nobody is left behind. Push to get better each time and don’t cheat yourself, but listen to your body as well!  We’ll continue to mix it up at #GettinTheRuns, anybody want to Q?  Cadence was solid by everybody!