YHC was glad to get back to the grind with his 2.0 in the hospital for 5 days due to a infected salivary gland. He’s home and resting well which means YHC can kick BRR training into high gear again. Thanks for everybody for prayers and assistance throughout.

EC: 5 AM Down and Back 3 mile run on Avesboro Rd

6 solid guys showed up in the gloom for a good beat down and the humitidy didn’t dissapoint.
Warm up: SSH in cadence (10)
Lunges in candence (20)

Indian Run from Faith Community to White Deer Park with only 6 guys there was more sprints for everybody.

Mosey to the shelter for 5 rounds of 10 box jumps/ or steps up and 10 table thrusters (bridge), plank for the six once complete.

Mosey to the Greenway to perform 5 lengths of Mount White Deer OYO, no snakes this AM.

YHC was going to have the PAX run the Greenway with additional pain stations but was with the lack of lights the greenway didn’t look inviting.

Mosey to Lake Benson and began scout run on the Lake Benson Trail with 10 lunges performed at every bridge, plankarama for the six once you get to Aversboro Rd.

Mosey to Field of Dreams at White Deer: Run the length of the field with every street light (10 Squat Jumps)

Mosey back down Aversboro Rd for Jailbreak back to the flag, plank for the six.

Recovered in the grass for some mary: Ziploc did candence for his WW2 sit ups (10), FreeBird Cadence for Freddy Mercury (x20), Pickin’ n’ Grinnin cadence for LBC’s (X10).

Great work today by all the PAX, 3.5 miles by everybody with pain stations throughout. 3 weeks till BRR!