Pax came just in time for a cool morning workout.  What looked like would only be 3 turned into 9 with a minute to go.  Sounds like a late fartsack decision. Well done.

Warm up with the worlds greatest stretch at which point YHC decided to discuss kid school day with CW mid stretch. Interesting return from the Pax. A quick laugh around the circle and well timed zing by DB about Thanksgiving plans.  Group back in focus for sshx20.

Moving on…

indian run down to the Harris Teeter lot bottom of oberlin.  Quick suicide set of bear crawl to line with burpees at the stops  5 lines in all

groups of three for a man in motion drill.  One man stays for squat jumps, far side goes for merkins, man running tags then out. Repeato with Spider-Man squat jumps, Carolina dry docks, lbc, star jump and something else.  Burned out some energy.  Line up for Indian run up glenwood to St. Mary’s stopping for 15x manmakers (some boo hoos broke the silence). Down Fairview then back to base on a sprint

circle up for change up rhythm of flutter kicks and American hammer x 25 each.  That zapped all of the time for this morning,

call out for 9-11 stair climb and convergence.  Be at both.  Nothing weighing on anyone’s heart or mind to share.  A first…any unspokens are still lifted up.

CW took us out.

great job on a basic, but tough workout this morning.  YHC out…