11 dudes came out and got after it at Hi-Fidelity this morning. A 20 minute tempo on the track was cooked up by YHC and we all got to it:

15-20 minute warm-up running from the track to lake boone, turning around and running all the way up to Ridge before running back to the track. Critics said this may have been the hardest part of the workout. This was just a poor planning error on YHC’s part and had nothing to do with increasing anyone’s fitness. Warmup with some stretches, etc followed by strides where we jogged the curves and sprinted the straightaways.

20 minute tempo on the track at your threshold pace. Everyone got in 3-3.5 miles. This running workout is the best bang for your buck. What it lacks in 2nd F it makes up for in minutes off your 10k.

15-20 minute cool down. Again up the terrible hill to Ridge Rd. To all who attended, you’re better for it.

The Mule on March 4th at Pullen Park starting at 6 am.
Mr Hand, Enron, and Sunshine will be running the Tobacco Road Marathon in approximately a month. A handful of others are signed up for the Rock n’ Roll half as well.
Mystery Q next week at Hi-Fidelity for another week of tempo work.

I hope that all those left turns didn’t burn you out.