Last minute opening for a Q at the Jungle- Franzia and I decided to take the helm.  Actually Franzia did- I was waffling but soon learned on Twitter I was part of the Q so we did.   36 Pax posted at the jungle and as usual much mumble chatter.  Franzia took the early lead and so this is how it went down-  Franzia the man of few words asked if any FNG’s in the crowd- still mumble chatter so he started running….yep Franzia started running- we stopped in the front of Target for a little warming up

Good Mornings x 15

Merkins x 20 – Hold Plank

30 Flutter Kicks

Diamond M x 15- Hold Plank

25 LBC

Low Plank x a couple of 10 counts

continue the run across Six Forks to the large bank lot for a nice set of 11’s

run to the top of lot for 10 burpees/ run to the bottom 1 squat-  repeat until 11 squats and 1 burpee.


I took over for a round of paint the lines to the bottom of the parking lot- plank, chilcut until pax finish.  continue on the run to the parking deck for Deck Suicides.

Run up deck to level 2 run back down to the bottom 10 merkins- return up the deck to level 3 return to the bottom 10 merkins- This continued until level 5.

Hold plank/chillcut until Pax finish.

Recover on the run back to the flag-  Total 3 miles covered-

25 Russian Hammers

Out of time.t


Haven House- Corn Hole- sign up

Prayer Request- left unspoken.

Hooch led us out

Great to see Dice back at the jungle-You have been missed my man!!

Thanks to everyone for pushing hard.  The jungle is a great spot- Carry on