Lots of old face and some new as well in the gloom this morning for F3 Raleigh’s oldest and most prestigious workout.  Perfect weather for all 3 F’s.  Money Hose comes in hot right at go time in his #triplesanctioned form fitting tanker, bringing the count up to 30 paxes (or is it paxen?), and we’re off.  Workout breakdown:

  • Brief mosey down Washington to Glenwood, circle up in grass, 7 burpees and a couple warmup exercises followed by perfect disclaimer by Au Pair.
  • Mosey up Glenwood to Peace St. Inspection and knock out 7 more burpees and couple more warmups.  Commence relentless #myrtlemumble.  But, from adversity comes strength, so we persevere.
  • Mosey up Peace to the corner at Boylan and do 7 more burpees and a couple more warmups.
  • Mosey up Boylan back to Fletcher and line up on the upper field.  Commence The Beast (full-field-double-burpee version): Burpees, Merkins, Squats, Burpees, Wide Merkins, Jump Squats
  • Mosey down to Stone Circle for weak-ass attempt at Merkin Pyramid Descent, get a few rounds in and YHC realizes he has gotten out over his skis (again), luckily no one noticed or commented- ABORT set, and keep moving
  • Mosey down to bottom of Washington- lamppost suicide with 10 drydocks at every lamppost, including baseline
  • Mosey up to tennis courts and wrap it up with mary


  • 2 FNG’s- Swimmer and Clearance Clarence- welcome to the brotherhood of F3, glad to have you
  • Prayers offered for Spin Class’ Mom
  • Money Hose leading a field trip to air show at SJAFB 5/20-21
  • Haven House corn hole tourney 5/21
  • 30 currently eligible for week 123 of Five Points Triple
  • Honor and a privilege to lead this group of savages- Chong out