Due to the poor weather conditions, this morning’s workout was officially cancelled. Then 2 idiots decided to get together anyway…

5 minute run/slide
Imperial marching
Mountain climbers

Burpee Buster:
10 burpees x3 sets
10 burpees with extra pushup at bottom x2 sets
10 burpees with 2 extra leg extensions at bottom x2 sets

People’s chair and high knee running 30 sec each

Fast feet plyometric drills 30 sec x3 sets

Mary: plank (bows/toes) x1 min, right/left plank x1 min each, supermans x1 min


Moleskin: this was probably the stupidest thing we could have done with the amount of ice out there… thankfully nobody else showed up…
Tclaps to Riggs for guilting… I mean… no… guilting me into working out this morning

F3 DURHAM HOMEWORK: do this workout at home.