The VSF was planted as the PAX of 3 navigated the ice grounds at Fletcher Park. Crisp air, calmness surrounding us, no walls so there are no rules. Having a place to be with no rules is so nice, there are enough rules everywhere else. The question is asked, “Who is in charge?” and the answer as always is “We all are” so out we go…

The Thang:

1/2 Mile Slow jog/skate around the grounds to the upper field for warm up

Imperial Walkers x 30

SSH x 25

Merkins x 15

Windmills x 30

Sprint (uh, do the best you can) length of field

Balls to the Wall x 25

Walking the Plank to L &  then to R

Balls to the Wall x 25

Merkins x 20

Jog to Gazebo for COP

One Arm Incline Merkins L&R x 10

Dips x 20

French Dip x 20

Declines x 20

Merkins x 20

1/2 Mile Jog ending at House of Cats

Peoples Chair x 45

Jog back to Gazebo

One Legged Squats x 15 L&R

Prisoner Squats x 30

Squat Hold x 45

LBCs x 100 (not a typo)

Rosalitas x 25

10 Pull Ups (2 sets)

Knee Ups x 10

Krazy Glue x 10

Chilcutt Hold x 75

Jog to Tennis Courts

Side to Side x 20

Front & Back x 20



-Weather on the Ones : Bummer on the events in Raleigh, better to be safe than stupid in this case. Weather delay was the right call, we’ll get the Plebe Q back in line soon. I saw the set planned, impressive.

-T Claps to King David’s recent recognition as a top young attorney in his field. Aye! Also prayers for his father to have successful surgery in the near future as well.

-T-Claps to Johnny  Utah for turning the support beams into a pull up bar set at the shelter, and for WS introducing the Krazy Glue (MH we confirmed the brand, no need to Google) plus Rucking it.

-Envious of the kids on sleds at the park, future gear consideration for the next winter mix at Ball Bearings.

-Fungo’s Maiden Voyage as the Q is Monday at NH, great time for the PAX to make up for today’s excused absence with a site record.

-Personal T-claps to my 2.1 who had Luau Day yesterday in his class. To his mother’s dismay and his teacher’s surprise, he rolled into school with Hawaiian swim shorts, a long sleeve T-shirt and flip flops at 8am. Q school Kindergarten style….Aye! Great moment to be a father , NextGen F3 is looking alright.

See you all back in the gloom….