It was cold and wet, but unlike the world in which the newscasters inhabit, there wasn’t a drop of ice anywhere. 2 Pax planted the VSF in the ground, which was harder than a yankee’s heart.

The theme today was twenty, which makes this BB easier because YHC doesn’t have to fake remembering how many of each exercise we did, as we did 20 of everything.

Off we go

Run around the park, stop midway for SSH

YHC then unashamedly found the one dry space for the first round of Mary

Six inch, LBC, Rosa, HD, WWII, Obliques.


Incline merkins


run around the park again



ascending left right step ups

more danks

more derkins

plankarama: plank, chilcut, sarkozy, putin, chilcut sarkozy, chilcut putin

ascending left right step ups

peoples chair

incline plank

incline sarkozy, incline putin

peoples chair

decline sarkozy, decline putin

walking lunges, prisoner squats, more walking lunges

Mary 2.0: picnic bench situps, rosa dollys, six inch, LBC


It seems short when re-rereading, but the 20 counts all around kept us panting.

If only we could get some of these yankees to join us……..