Shovel flag planted at the back of #NCMA for the PAX of 16. All rise!! Here’s the set…..

The Thang:

Quick warm up in parking lot, partner up.

Fast run to the metal flag south of the dojo

15 x Flutter Kicks (each leg goes up for 1)

Partner 1 runs down dirt path to bridge in the woods, Derkins x 15

Partner 2 runs down paved path to rock pile, Derkins x 15 (feet on rocks)

When partners meet, stop and perform flutters but add 3 to the total, partners run to opposite locations & perform derkins but add 3.

Repeat until each performs 36 Flutters, then sprint to starting point (if not done, sprint at 6:08). AMRAP burpees until all are in….


QOD: “The man who doesn’t read has no advantage over the man who cannot read.” -Mark Twain

-Welcome FNG Snowflake!! Happy Birthday Wendell Gee!!

-T-claps to our brothers taking on the GRC in D.C. Friday night! Prayers for Kanye, Singlewide, Les Nessman, Pepe, Friar Tuck & Joule

-F3 Dads is June 4th