One FNG. Hermes attempted to give the disclaimer. McCants gave a little lawyering support and we were off.
Pick up Core for a fellowship run to Bond Brothers for warm-up. SSH good morning. mountain climber. low plank hold. Imperial Walker.

Grab your core for overhead backwards run to east traffic circle. At Halfway point doubletime it to the junkyard. Then slow mosey to the circle.  Squat hold for pax.

The thang. Urban Park repeats. From circle run to the park sign, 10 merkins, run into the park, 10 pull-ups return with 10 merkins at the corner back, back to the circle.
    Round 1 at circle. 30 jump squats with core
    Round 2. Lunge walk circle with core
    Round 3  10 tuck jump with core
    Round 4.  30 JayLows
    Round 5. 30 monkey Humpers

Alarm sounded Head back with stop at the corner for 10 merkins, 10 pull-ups and back for 10 merkins

Mosey to Wonks house and line up in front of window for squat hold. Quiet. His kid are still sleeping.

Mosey to the old BB&T parking lot circle up for core hammers. We’re done.

Lots of high, low and mid plank holds throughout.

Announcements; beer mile tonight at Bond Brothers. F3 dads at Fletcher Park. June 4th Memorial day Murph at 7:00, EC at 6:15.

Prayer concerns; McCants neighbor. kids starting EOGs toda.  those traveling over the weekend. graduating seniors.

Welcome FNG Biblioteca.

YHC took us out.