YHC would like to dedicate this backblast to Momma Grizzly.  This dedication is for two reasons.  The first being that she was the only one that completed the Triple Down while pregnant (as far we know) and second for the endless nagging and relentless poking and prodding to get the back blast posted.  Grizzly you make all of us better!

This was a special morning for FiA. The main purpose of the event was to celebrate two years of FiA Raleigh and celebrate we did.  All three workouts had site records (28 pax for 41 for 31 for #FiAFlightDeck) and a few FNGs (HGH, Peta and M Pacemaker).  We rotated Qs every 20 minutes for just shy of three hours.  Roughly 25 pax accepted the challenge to complete all three workouts.  Strong work by all!

Before we recap, FiA would like to shout out that there will be a convergence at the Art Museum 12/10 (sorry just the girls this time).  It will follow Whiplash providing a convenient kid swap opportunity.  F3 Dads will head to Caribou post Whiplash.

==================  Quickhatch (F3)  ====================


The Triple Down is upon us.  Let’s get started.  28 Pax (site record), including a couple FNGs jogged a partial loop around the lower field to the warm up circle.

-Good Mornings

Ok good enough, head to the mid field and split up into two groups.  Everyone line up on the baseline.

Group one

-Shrimp walk to the first cone while dragging your ruck
-Bear crawl while dragging your ruck to the next cone
-Duck walk to the next cone
-Sprint to the other baseline

Group Two

Grab all the coupons and get them to the other side before group one finishes.  Might require two trips : )

*Gronk did not require two trips or extra help for The Trident.  I don’t think he broke a sweat until a couple hours into triple down.
**Before we flapjack, we need to reset, grab the coupons and return them to the start.  Mental note, next time don’t end the relay on the other side of the field.


The fact that this was supposed to be a race kind of got lost on the crowd.  Everyone still had fun and we were soaked thanks to morning dew and had plenty of freshly cut grass to go around.

Last round, everybody

-Shrimp walk to the first cone while dragging your ruck
-Bear crawl while dragging your ruck to the next cone
-Duck walk to the next cone
-Sprint to the other baseline
-Turn around
-Ruck Swings x20
-Shoulder to Shoulder x20
-Bear Crawl x20 steps
-Sprint to baseline

Quick count off to make sure everyone was still with us.


With less than a fresh group of 28, Spurrier took over.  Split up and face each other on the baseline.  Cycle through 3 Merkins, 3 plank walks, 10 LBCs.  We went up and down the field until Spurrier was over it.  Then we headed into a log relay.  Get into two lines and take turns running the log around the first cone.  Feel free to carry the log solo or bring a buddy.  The highlight of the relay IMHO was when FiA Bookworm solo’d the log around the loop.  Applause and tclaps all around.

Its 6:55, drop the rucks, grab some water and get ready for The Weekend Crick!


================  Weekend Crick (F3)  ===================


Weekend Crick portion of the Triple Down convened at 7am sharp.  FNGs were present so proper disclaimer was given and Pax were also informed that Rouge, Birkenstock, & Banjo would be leading them for next 60 minutes.  41 Pax in attendance (site record).

Rouge has a bad wheel so Pax were instructed to take a lap around the middle soccer field and meet Rouge at the bottom of the parking lot behind the school, circling up for warm-ups….

Good Mornings – 10x
Mtn. Climbers – 25x
Imperial Walkers – 15x
Windmill – 10x
Nippler – 25x

Warm-ups in the books, Pax counted off by 1s & 2s, 1s were sent to retrieve ego rocks & 2s squat held.  When 1s returned with rocks, they paired up with 2s for the following….

1s did 15x of Curls & 2s did 15x of WWIIs – Flapjack

1s did 15x of OH Press & 2s did 15x of Squats – Flapjack

1s did 15x of Rows & 2s did 15x of Flutter Kicks – Flapjack

1s did 15x of Tricep Ext. & 2s did 15x of Monkey Humpers – Flapjack

Repeato for a 2nd round of the rock circuit above.  Pax who finished with the rocks returned them, other Pax planked.

Squats – 30x to wrap-up Rouge’s portion…..baton passed to Birkenstock.


Unfortunately about half way through Rouge’s set we noticed the soccer group setting up on the mid field where Birkenstock had setup up all of his cones.   With some quick help we got the cones relocated to the lower field.  Mosey over to the lower field.  It wouldn’t be a Birkenstock workout if there wasn’t some thinking involved.  Split up into 8 groups of 5.  Birkenstock is odd man out.  Each person stands next to a cone on the field.

Relay race- 4 stations, 5 PAX teams.
Last Pax race back to the starting line.
Rotate each exercise until everyone has completed all exercises in the relay, then switch to next relay.
** If any injuries or exercise issues, then Log rolls for any exercise during the relay
1. bear crawl, crawl bear, crab walk, army crawl
2. bunny hop, karaoke, gorilla hops, reverse run
3. Lt Dans, Baby Johns, side walking planks, wide frog hops


Mosey up to Walgreens parking lot with a stop for some highly FIA/F3 co-ed convergence appropriate Mucho Chesto.

At Walgreens parking lot, line up for DOUBLE 11`s.

– Bear crawl ten steps towards far end parking lot, 10 merkins
– Run to far end parking lot, 1 tuck jump
– return, Crab walk ten steps, 10 little baby dips
– Run back to start, 1 monkey humper
– Complete out 11`s

* CARDIAC and FLOYD each completed the set. TClaps
* YHC did not consider Walgreens might need their parking lot. Audible called and we moved to school traffic circle.
* Lots of mumble chatter and feigned misunderstanding with attempt to gain some rest time. YHC would have nothing to do with those time wasters, and we pressed on.


==================  Flight Deck (FiA)  =====================

The F3 + FiA triple down presented record numbers for flight deck 9/24. We had 31 people (site record) join in the festivities and celebration of 2 years of FiA Raleigh.


The F3 + FiA triple down presented record numbers for flight deck 9/24. We had 31 people join in the festivities and celebration of 2 years of FiA Raleigh.

Gun Show started us off with a warm up of windmills, skiers, and chain breakers to get us stretched out.

We then went into what has been named Gun Show’s Fun Show:

30 high knees (thanks Banjo for turning this into an IC set!)
20 curtsy lunges
10 star jax
30 jumping jax
20 lunges
10 sparky crabs IC
30 sumo side bends
20 surfers
10 crockpot squats IC
Ab Song, “It Takes Two” by Rob Base:
Chorus: ski jumps
V1: crunch & lift (R)
V2: crunch & lift (L)
V3: Brooke Burkes
V4: Reverse Crunches
*Extra credit if you could rap along with the song


Next up was Slinky with an amazing team relay of broken leg bear crawls to infinity and back, switching legs on the return. Those that were not crawling did sets of 10 mountain climbers, 2 pushups, on repeat (particularly painful following Gun Show-Fun Show’s ab song).

Our legs were screaming but we ignored them as we moved to the walls and pillars by the picnic shelter and did a 10 count wall sit. Remember those 31 Pax? We sure did as we listened to each one of them count off down the line!

Up next was another team relay.

* Line up, broad jump one at a time from spot A on the field to the log sitting at spot B on the field.

* Pick up log and flip over longways, sprint back.

* Rinse and repeat 3 times.

Oh, and don’t think that the Pax in line had a nice and relaxing few moments awaiting their turn to broad jump; their time was filled with jumping jacks until they worked their way to the front of the line. Slinky kept us honest and kept us sweating!

We finished off this set with another wall sit with an added log element. Everyone got nice a cozy while we passed both logs down the line… and back!


Last up was Sweatshop who took the Pax back to the parking lot to do a few 5 and dime sets. We lined up on the parking lines (towards the center of the lot) did 5 push-ups, plank walked down to the other end and did 10 plank jacks IC. Plank walk back to the other end of the line and repeat the entire set 3 times. Still using the lines as a guide we did 5 lunge walks forward followed by 10 little man jumping jacks (thank you Kanye for the demo) with 5 lunge walks in reverse followed by another 10 LMJJs. This was repeated in triplicate as well.

The final part of the entire 3 hour session was one last team relay. Everyone grabbed their rock left behind from Weekend Crick and carried it down to the field. We broke into two teams, lined up two by two (within each team) facing each other– Indian run style.  Everyone got on the ground and did partner crunches passing the rock with each crunch. The partners in the back ran to the front (moving the team forward) and got back down to continue to crunch.

This got us right to 8:15!



Thank you so much to all that helped put this event together. FiA Raleigh is officially 2 and going strong. The help from the guys the first month was pivotal in getting us going; what better tribute than to get the gang back together to celebrate this anniversary, F3/FiA style. We are now spreading into new workouts and new regions throughout the triangle and we can’t wait to meet all the new FiAs who will be helping us celebrate anniversary number 3!  

– Birkenstock took us out
– Yo-yo and Dial Tone made cameos at the end (hope you guys get well soon)
– FiA Raleigh wants to adopt Rock Steady to be their hype man!
– Pictures can be found on twitter #FiAF3TripleDown