Citius, Altius, Fortius be the Olympic motto! The games of the F3 Olympics started at dawn and finished with a PAX full of patriotism, leg throbbing pride and red white and blue sweat.

WARM UP – (Opening Ceremony with Olympic theme music)
arm circles, reverse, SSH (last 10 sped up), air squats, peter parker

Every Olympic games must begin with a torch run, so that’s what we did. The PAX lined up on the track for an indian run with the leader proudly holding the torch and passing it off to the man coming from the back. Now that the games were officially underway we started off with the men’s synchro merkins. The men would pair up and do sets of hand slap merkins. Perfect execution is paramount in this event. The group may or may not have been in sync and the judges would deduct accordingly, especially the judge from the DDR who’s notorious for taking no mercy. As we moved to the field for the next events, Lo Pair would express early interest in the medal count tipping his hand at a concern for his own gold medal potential. We split up into groups of 4 and competed in the Discuss and Shot Put competitions. Each man would take turns throwing either the Discuss(car tire, credit DOI) or Shot Put(real deal Shot Put, thanks No’ Money) out to the cones and run it back to hand to the next man up. We would rotate through all stations giving each man a turn and a fair shake at gold in each of the events. The next events would be the men’s 4×100 relays. The first relay was strictly bear crawl to the cone and back. Speed was of the essence as gold was on the line and the men would be cheering each other on with vigor and pride. The next relay would be crab walk. The last relay would be the medley, possibly the hardest of the relays, and would require a bit of strategery. In the medley relay, 1 man must crawl bear, 1 man must crab walk and the other 2 must bear crawl. With much mumble chatter over who won the relays and a lack of technology to produce a photo finish we would have to move on to the last events of the day. Down the hill we would recovery jog to start the grueling triple jump burpee all the way back up the hill. This time the the gold medal would not be in question as Spooky would be standing atop the podium most certainly biting his medal for authenticity. The last event was the mens 4×100 relay race. Upon completion we had to move on to the floor exercises and closing ceremonies all the while knowing that the venues we leave behind will suffer the ultimate fate of destruction and sad despair like all Olympic game sites of the past.

MARY – (floor exercises)
Plank Jacks
American Hammer


Success often comes from learning from our failures. Vinko Bogataj may have been known as the ‘Agony of Defeat’ dude, but it’s his willingness to keep getting up fall after disastrous fall that makes his agony of defeat moment worthy.