YHC discovered some new territory at Kenny’s Grave and was going to put it to full use today. 3 strong PAX made it out to take one more step towards being a better man #ISI.


Lap around the parking lot, SSH x25, Mountain Climbers x15, Imperial Walkers x10



The PAX will be going around the parking lot from island to island performing ‘what-ever’ YHC comes up with! Each length between islands is about 50 yards or so…

5 Burpees, Shuffle, 5 Burpees, Shuffle, 5 Burpees, Karaoke, 5 Burpees, Karaoke, 5 Burpees, Karaoke, Backwards Run, 5 Burpees, Backwards Run, 5 Burpees

Repeato, but with alternating x10 squat jumps and x10 merkins at each island

“Hill Crawl”

Cones are placed on a hill in a z pattern. This hill progressively gets longer and steeper as you move along.

Bear Crawl Up, Bear Crawl Down, Bear Crawl Up, Bear Crawl Down, Run Up, x10 Lunges, Run Down, x10 Lunges, Run Up, x10 Lunges, Run Down, x10 Lunges

Run back through the course to the beginning.

“Dial It Up”

YHC found an even bigger hill for this one…

Plank position facing up hill x5 merkins, move to 3 o’clock, x5 merkins, move to 6 o’clock, x5 merkins, move to 9 o’clock, x5 merkins, move to 12 o’clock, x5 merkins…repeat going the other directions

“WWII Was An Uphill Battle”

Go to smaller hill and perform x20 WWII on the incline

“Charge the Hill”

Back to the big hill for a ‘ladder’ inspired finish…

Charge the hill, x10 merkins at the top, back down, Charge the hill, x9 merkins, back down and so on.


PAX complete a MARY exercise while 1 PAX bear crawls 20 yards and frog jumps 20 yards until all PAX complete one circuit.


A lot of prayer requests out there for family members! Tardy’s brother-in-law being deployed and prayers for YHC’s family while he is away in Charlotte. Also prayers as YHC will be posting at Freedom Park tomorrow. Hopefully it goes well.

Naked Moleskin

I am so grateful for the opportunity to lead these men every week! I hope to see some more of our regulars out there in the coming weeks. The above prayers for my family were in reference to a difficult day our family faced last year. My wife and I thankfully have two young, wonderful boys. Tomorrow marks 1 year since we lost our son when my wife was around 18 weeks pregnant. It was an experience that I hope no other family has to go through (although I know unfortunately they do). I love being a husband and a dad! It will be difficult to be away from my family during this time. Thank you for your prayers and support! #F3Counts