Usually burpees are a standard part of my workouts and the picture pretty much says how I really feel about them. However, today was my first Q in 2 weeks, after a Fabio led beatdown that left me with a seriously crooked spine and unable to stand up straight for about a week. It was not pretty. Thus today was totally sans-burpee. Don’t worry though, they will be making a return in the very near future!

Quick warmup with:
SSH x 25
Imperial Walkers x 25
Sir Fazio Arm Circles x 10 (forward/back)
Windmills x 20

Mosey across the field with:
High Knees
Butt Kickers

Down to The Court for some short wall work:
Derkins, Dips & Squats x 15
Derkins, Dips & Squats x 10
Derkins, Dips & Squats x 5

Mosey around the corner for some tall wall work:
Balls2Wall (10 count from each PAX), Peoples Chair x 30 with arms up/out/down
Rinse and repeat 2 more times

Bear-crawl 25 yards across prickly, icy, grassy area.

Run around building, back to shovel flag, for 50 yards of alternating 1-legged broad-jumps.

Sprint around building, LBC x 25 (Scrolls picked)
Sprint around building, Russian Hammers x 25 (Fabio picked)
Sprint around building, Chill-cut Peter Parkers x 25 (Bilo picked)
Sprint around building, Box Cutters x 25 (Lamp picked)
Sprint around building, Diamond Merkins x 20 (Floppy picked)

WWII situps x 25
High slow flutter x 25
Star plank x 25


Thanks to Lamp for making the effort to travel all the way up north to see us!
It is always a pleasure to lead the fine men of F3. I pray that I’m able to provide half the inspiration to them, as they inspire me.