YHC has been operating with a bad wheel.  I finally broke down and iced it and it seemed to do the trick.  Lesson learned Pax when your body cries out take action.  Don’t wait until it’s too late.  So onto better things like the weather!  It felt like spring this am. 42 degrees is a warm welcome and the PAX of 7 were ready to go.  Lets get to it…

The Thang…

Warm Up- Lap, SSH X 30, IWs X 25, Mtn Climbers X 20, Merkins X 30

M-Run- 2 laps around the 8 courts with side shuffles, karaoke, side hops, backwards, sprints

Suicides- Regular 4 court running suicide, Lunge 2 court suicide, bunny hop 2 court suicide.

Inverted Mtn Climbers- 15 X 2 sets

Prisoner Squats X 100

Merkins X 25 X 2, 15 X 1

LBCs X 50, 6 inch Leg hold, Chillcott Plank, Side Planks, WWIIs, 6 inch, WWIIs, Chillcott Plank

It’s tough to do F3 much less Q when you’ve been fart sacking and only going once or twice a week. I commit to doing better going forward.  I will say it makes a huge difference when you pull in the parking lot and the guys are there.  It was great to see Darby.  He’s a welcome presence full of energy and and in high spirits.  Great to have Imp too who looked sleep when he arrived but I think I woke him up(1 week old is a great excuse). I want to give a shout out to Boots & Pants too, the guy has been killing it.  Quietly he’s at every work out and you can see the progress really starting to take hold.  Prayers for Package in Columbia as he recovers from his Grilling accident.  Sounds silly but check your hoses on your gas grills guys.  Could have killed Package, and he’s careful too.  If you want to be a real man grill on Charcoal and you won’t have those problems.  I digress.  Prayers for Howard as he travels out to Arizona this weekend looking to nail down God’s next great Mission.  Darby closed us with a mighty prayer.  It’s clear God is doing great things in his life and he took time to recognize it this am as we all should.  I’m humbled and honored to be a part of F3 and to Q for you guys.  This is a special group down in South Wake!  Thanks again for sharing your morning with me in the Gloom!