44366015The goal of the latest installment of True Grit was to avoid the same ole shit (SOS). YHC wanted to Q a workout without 11’s, SSH to start or burpees. 2 out of 3 ain’t bad.

As Wendell Gee opined an elite group of 8 gathered under the mild gloom.

    The Thang

Warm up: Imp Walker x 15, G’morning x15, (Maize rolls up in the The Blenheim clown car without the clowns.) Mtn Climbers x 20, Merkins at 15, Ski Abs x 20.

Jog to Greenway under Millbrook and up to the Shelly road dead-end bridge. An area never explored by The True Grit PAX until today. NO SOS. Laid out in front of the PAX is SOS Hill, a quarter mile incline beast. YHC lays out the job, derkins on the bridge rail, run up road to first cross street for Squat jumps (both hands must touch ground and more than an inch of air must show between shoes and road each time). Run to next cross street for hand release merkins, sprint to stop light for Ski Abs. Plank at top for Plankorma, Sprint back down. A half mile each round trip.

The Elite 9 accomplished this feat 4 times for 2 miles.

The number of derkins counted out as each round began indicated the number of squat jumps, hand release merkins and ski abs for that round.

Round 1: 10
Round 2: 20
Round 3: 12
Round 4: 16

SOS and easy it was not.

Circle up on bridge for Mary:
Dying Cockroach x 20
Low country crab x 15
LBC x 30
6 inch leg hold 7 count around circle.

Finish with Squat hold burpee circle Pyramid. Hold squat on down command do a burpee, increase burpee count on each down command. Pyramid of 5 completed, feel the burn.


-Big Boss Run Sundays = a good time to see MacGruber get drug around on a leash by his bitch.
-Swing Line will have his fist solo Q Friday at Flood Zone. Based on his energy attacking SOS hill it won’t be easy.
-See Shaggy if you want to wear a kilt while chasing him around in a kilt.
-Spring Mud Run sign up coming, April 11, no excuses to miss the Super Bowl of F3.
-The men of Lourdes and the Woman of Forge are welcome to give True Grit a try anytime.