YHC arrived to the AO to several awaiting pax and was followed by another, we were 4 and ready to see who would be willing to step into the arena today.  After a quick survey and realizing Big Poppy was absent, we began to lobby the men of THP to see who would dare to enter.  As a few familiar faces showed they too began to test the waters of fng willingness,  in short order the men of THP were 10 to join our 4, and we were off.

The Thang:

Warm-ups:  Side Shuffle Hop (SSH) x 15, Good Afternoons x 15, Sir Nigel Fazio Arm Circles x10 f/r, Merikans x 10

Follow Country Wide around the back of the building over to the Lake Wheeler Field for a quick but intense COP, Burpee’s x 10, x 5, x 10.  To the volleyball ct.  and make a mental picture of the perimeter, bear crawl the side line 10 Merikans at the first corner, lunge walk to the next 10 x SSH, bear crawl to the next 10 x squats, lunge to the next, plank it out.  Rinse and repeat.

Head across Goode and find a reasonable rock, one more COP and in honor of the season, as we worked through the sets we played pass the rock.  Curls x 15, tricep extensions x 15, squat presses x 15, repeto x 10, put your rock back.

Back across to the front lot for some quick feet x 20 and derkins x 15, once more but with a 15 and a 10 count.

Head to the top of the lot behind the detox building for some suicides and a little plank action.  Jog to the courtyard to finish things off.

Mary: LBC’s x 40, and 6″ leg holds 5 count through the pax.  Done!

The Skin:

Great work by all, YHC constantly reminded those hacking throughout their post that now is as good as any time to quit smoking, though 8 of 10 THP pax rewarded their completion with a smoke.  The general feeling from the men seemed to be that of pride in their accomplishment and a desire to continue this a a means of their  recovery.

YHC reminded the pax of Gods call to offer our bodies as living sacrifices holy and pleasing to Him, and also to strengthen our spirits by the renewing of our mind in His Word.  Mr. Hand led us out in a mighty prayer to our Lord and Savior.

Big welcome to our new f3 brothers, Crazy Horse, Greenwood, Case, Birdman, and Iron Mike (56), and as always those who have come back.

THP pax wanted to know about how they could get an F3 T-shirt, YHC informed them we were working on it, that we would hopefully in the future have an Arena specific shirt that would be given to those from THP who make it to 2 or more workouts.  So here’s my call to Steroid to get started on the foundation paperwork and to Shaggy to get together on a design.

For the second time at THP we were able to recruit men by being present and willing to talk to those standing around as we gathered pre-workout.  But we continue to have the same regular f3 men post, not many new Raleigh pax.  The next opportunity for you is next Friday the 30th at 2:30, sign up here .

As always thanks for letting me lead, it’s a pleasure to be present with these men as they boldly step into this arena. Aye!