5 of Durham’s finest set out on the top of a parking deck to start their Tuesday off on the right foot

4 flights of stairs to grab pavers from Riggs
6 flights of stairs to drop the pavers off to Floyd
SSHx10, arm stretches, IWx12, leg stretches

8 flights of stairs – 10 merkins
7 flights of stairs – 10 single leg burpees
6 flights of stairs – 50 air squats
5 flights of stairs – 10 pull ups (1 person assisting, and each person doing 30 dips while they wait)
4 flights of stairs – something else
3 flights, 2 flights, 1 flight – more merkins

people’s chair >1 minute, then 8 flights for good measure
10 little baby decline merkins
10 big daddy decline merkins
50 LBCs, 20 heels to heaven, 15 bicycles, 15 froggies, 10 baby seals, >1 minute bows&toes plank
10 little baby incline merkins


– Rule #15: the Q gets to pick his own angle for people’s chair – according to Riggs, the angle of the dangle…
– Floyd will Q this saturday… I hear it’s going to be called F3-9000

– F3Durham homework: bows/toes plank with perfect form for as long as possible x3, add the times and post
(example: Riggs loses form at 45sec, does it again and put his knee down at 30s, and busts it for 60s the third time – total time 2:15)