14 PAX ventured out in what has been the longest winter ever. Seriously, look it up.  Mid-30’s and misty precipitation.  Figuring we needed to do more than just stand there, we warmed up with SSH (x20), IW (x20), Good Mornings (20) and Fazios (x10)

We then jogged over to the hill on Hyde and split into two groups. Group 1 up the hill, 4 burpees, down the hill. Group 2 planks at bottom of hill. Switch, and repeat 5 times. Continue jog to Brooks Elem.  Group 1 runs from main entrance to martini, up and down and back around.  Group 2 does max rep merkins. Switch, repeat 5 times with dips, incline merkin, derkin, LBD’s, Freddie, LBC all making an appearance somewhere along the way.

Grab some curb for alt L/R step up and mini jump ups x20.  Under the tree for some damp Mary (not to be confused with her more popular sister, wet Mary) which had parts Rosalita, LBC and little low flutters.

Jog it back to North Hills Park for a quick COT.


-Fungo reminded me that its going to be cold, and wet, at the Spartan on Saturday.  True dat.

-lifting up Flops and hoping for continued healing. Same for Fazio’s shin. Rest up, men.

-glad Shag Potter, our latest FNG, finally came out. With a name like that, you’ve got to come back.