The shovel flag was planted as the PAX of 22 gathered at Pullen Park for the weekly jaunt. Finally a morning above 40 degrees for a change. Yesterday’s unofficial state holiday celebrating the ACC tournament inspired the following.

The Thang:

SSHx25, Good Morningsx25, Imperial Walkersx25, Fazio F&Bx15

Run through the park to Tennis Courts

Four Corners

Break into 6 groups

3 Court Suicide, then groups split to 1/2 court for the 4 corners route (Sprint, Defense Shuffle, Backwards Run, Defense Shuffle…3 loops), then 30 Merkins + 30 Side to Side/Front to Back/Squats/Knee Jumps. Back on the line. 4 sets of the previous with different items for the 2nd 30 rep.

Jump Ball between Au Pair & Cracker….best 20 count break of all time.

2 Groups this time. Basketball pass back and forth in pairs the full 3 court length. Plank when done. 2 times through

Jog to paved hill near aquatic center

The System

Break into 3 groups (Sprints with AMRAP Burpees)

Group 1 on top of hill doing Burpees, Group 2 at the bottom doing Burpees, Group 3 sprints uphill at tags Group 1. Group 1 runs to Group 2 and so on……for the next 12 minutes straight.

Jog back to park picnic area

Half the group does Dips other other Balls to the Wall for a 25 cadence count. Rotate and repeat.

LBCs x 50 and that is all…..


“Between stimulus and response, there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.” – Viktor Frankl


–T claps to Plebe for a great set today, for some reason having him around makes things more fun. Different and difficult=excellent. BackBlast doesn’t read like a lot, but YHC feels differently.

–Great seeing Linda back in the gloom the past couple of weeks. One of the Raleigh originals is back, and we’re all better for it.

–Spartan Race next Saturday: Too late to commit, too late to de-commit

–Go Ruck it! May 25th in Raleigh, see our local esquire White Shoe

–Convergence with Durham at Umstead Park under construction, stay tuned. It will happen, just may be a different date.

–Prayers for a speedy and healthy recovery to FloppyDisk, isn’t the same without you.

–The above picture does not reflect the attitude and beliefs of F3. It does however reflect the attitude and beliefs of such PAX members as Fazio, Au Pair, Plebe, Ron Burgundy, Pac Man and The Jet (for City Council!).