With VSF planted at 5:45, 6 self-reliant men of action strode into the murky gloom to gulp down another dose of the medicine.  All continued to mutter and mumble about the ridiculous postponement of the season we used to know called Spring as they headed down into the bog to grab some lucky stones (and King David selected a lucky boulder).  Said stones (and boulder) were then toted back up to the launch pad for:

WARM UP (sans stone):  SSH 30x, Imperial Walker 30x, Windmill 30x


Stone Circle – 3 Cycles

  • Complex 1 (Bent Over Row->Back Extension->Neider Press->Lower Back Down) – 12x
  • Chilcutt – 12x
  • Complex 2 (Curl->Lunge->Press->Bend) – 12x
  • Air Squat 12x – Jump Squat 12 – Alternating Lunge 12x – Jumping Lunge 12

Return the stones back to there homes.  Climb the hill and mosey to the parallel bars.

  • Close Grip Supine Pullups & Incline Merkins – 5 Sets (10 & 20, 8 & 16, 6 & 12, 8 & 16, 10 & 20)

Mosey over to boat dock for 3 sets of:

  • Super Derkins & Dips (15 ea, 10 ea, 5 ea)

Mosey back over the dam for a quick set of Mary:

  • Lower Ab Crunch 25x -> WW2 SUs 25x -> Flutter Kicks 10 count around circle



  • ‘Esse Quam Videri’ – ‘To be, rather than to seem’ (Old North State Motto)
  • ‘Who you are speaks so loudly, I cannot here what you say.’ -Emerson


  • Good luck to all participating in the Spartan Sprint this weekend – weather looks perfect
  • Praise and prayers for KDs Dad recovering well from operation
  • Senor Utah is rounding up pax who want to shave their heads for the keeds – St Baldrick’s – April 7 – Lynnwood Grill – YHC is in, mostly for the free hair cut, but also for the keeds
  • Welcome to a new pax, Bikram, who beasted the workout, first timer or no first timer.  He’ll be back.
  • Launch of F3 Shroom – Tomorrow (Wednesday) @ 12:15 – Mellow Mushroom on Peace & Glenwood – FNG Friendly – try and come a few minutes early so we know how big a table to get, or just email joe.bennett.nc@gmail.com to let me know you’re coming.