20 Pax were met on a cold March morning by “Johnathan Utah” ready to deliver another Capital One envelope of pain…

Welcome to the Ball Bearings Recap “Lets do this!”

The Thang

Jog down to the Ball Bearings basketball court which recently has grown a fence (Noted for future workouts)

-Side Shuffle Hops  X 20

-Mountain Climbers X 20

-Windmills X 20

-Fazio arm circles X 20

Jog to up to Baseball field for Part 1 – The Spartanburglar @ Hamburger Hill

Spartanhamburglarhamburglar2Meet our friend the Spartanburglar…

Met by our friends the 4 Torchmen (2 on the low-ground 2 up top on the look out for rouge Hamburglars)

PAX recreated a Spartan lost obstacle experience…

30 Burpees (actual penalty at Spartan Race)

Hill Sprint

20 Burpees (impromptu penalty done by most Spartan racers)

Hill sprint

20 Burpees

Hill sprint

10 ct high plank hold, 10 ct Putin, 10 ct Sarkozy

Hill sprint

15 Burpees

Hill sprint

Jog up to the Gravel Pit for Part 2 – Welcome to the International House of MERKINS!

miyagimarypoppins … introducing new Merkins

Climbing the ladder of pain from North and South America, to Southeast Asia to Europe

20 – Standard (American) Merkins

15 – Uchi Mata (Japanese) Merkins – Deemed the (Miyagi Merkin)

10 – Triangle (Brazilian) Merkins

5 – Alternating Grip Single Leg Merkins – Deemed the (Mary Poppin Merkin)

10 – Triangle Merkins

15 –  Miyagi Merkins

20 – Standard Merkins

Jog to stone circle for  Mary AKA Part 3 – The greatest american hero 

The-greatest-american-hero… this is what Maize looked like while singing minus the man perm

BirdDOGS X 30

Supermans  X 30 (Now deemed “Beleive it or nots” thanks to Maize for breaking into song “Beleive it or not I’m walking on air…”

Homer to Marge X 30

*Joined by Chum (FNG) as he was recruited while jogging by on his “Me time”

LBCs X 50

Hemis X 20

Crotch Sweats X 20


COT –  FNG’s D-league named due to his varsity basketball skills,  Chum named hailing from florida and love of fishing (we needed White Shoes lingual expertise) taken out by Howard

Announcements –

F3 Raleigh – St. Baldricks – http://www.stbaldricks.org/teams/F3Raleigh  – April 7th @ Lynnwood Grill – 1 PM

New workout on Tuesdays at Pullen Park –  FNG friendly – Qed  by Howard – Starts April 2nd

Looking for HCs for below events…

GORUCK Raleigh – May 25th

Spartan Super – August 24th

GORUCK training Qed by White Shoe –  Saturday 5:45am at Pullen – be there….

2nd F – Tonight 3/28 – Players Retreat  – corner of Oberlin and Hillsborough St.