8 of Durham’s finest set out into the gloom to start their Saturday off right – since the Q’s basketball teams (Duke, Syracuse) are both into the Elite 8, he was feeling generous today and decided to address some of his PAX’s concerns
1) we were doing too much running
2) bear crawls up the hill are easier , why weren’t we doing more of those
3) we weren’t doing enough reps
4) our form has been slacking a bit

light jog, stretching, SSH, IW, mountainclimbers, stretching, more light yog (with a soft j)

Bear crawl up the hill, carolina drydock x10, Bear crawl down the hill – repeato x3
People’s chair xforever
Bear crawl/CDD/Bear crawl x2
*at this point, Floyd wanted to do the people’s lazyboy recliner… so I accomodated – people’s chair with 1 leg up, thus reclining… switch

Over to the 3ft wall – 15 stepups with high knee on each leg

Deck of cards – shuffle a deck, pick and exercise for each suit – 2=2, 5=5, 8=8 (yes, 8=8), J/Q/K=11, A=15
Diamonds = merkin
Hearts = alternating forward lunges
Clubs = bows/toes planks
Spades = burpees

we started out doing double everything, but after the 10th card showed A-diamonds, the 30 merkins were a bit much, so we went down to single exercises – do the math.. approximately 130-150 of each exercise… and don’t forget the additional 10 count penalty for stopping early or poor form

Mary: rapid fire around the circle, 15 of each exercise – froggies, low flutter, bicycles, russian hammers, heels-to-heaven, something from paparazzi (sorry man, i’m blanking), boxes (rosa-dollys, hello-litas,…), WW2s


Tough workout today – good work by everyone – especially with my dyslexia (yes, I know they’re called suits, and I don’t care)
Happy Easter
And above all else, remember that your Q welcomes criticisms and comments regarding F3 workouts… hopefully some of them were addressed today.. muwahaha….