Waking the echoes of the Road Warriors, the Four Horsemen and other legends of pro wrestling, your co-Q’s opted for a tag team approach as a blackjack pax of 21 posted to pay (Abdullah) the butcher’s bill.

The Thang:

Pre-match warmup:  SSH’s, Windmills, Arm Circles, Squats, Merkins, WWII situps

Indian Strap Match:  partner up for side-by-side Indian run around the lake

Pause for Chairs and Tables Match (Picnic Shelter): 

  • Round 1:  partner 1 does people’s chair while partner 2 knocks out 24X4 wide grip incline merkins on picnic tables – flapjack
  • Round 2:  partner 1 goes balls to wall while partner 2 reps 15×4 mountain climbers – flapjack
  • partners cycle through both rounds above a second time

Enter the Steel Cage (Tennis Courts): 

  • Round 1:  partner 1 does 3 court suicides followed by 5 high jumps while partner 2 does rock overhead press – flapjack
  • Round 2:  partner 1 sprints long sides of courts and walking lunges the short sides while partner 2 does staggered rock merkins – flapjack
  • Round 3:  partners repeat Round 1 with rock curls instead of presses
  • Round 4:  partners repeat Round 2 with wood chop with rock instead of merkins

Mosey back for No Holds Barred (Ampitheater):

  • Round 1:  partner 1 does 20×4 dips while partner 2 does toe taps on short wall – flapjack
  • Round 2:  partner 1 does 20×4 jump-ups while partner 2 does cross-fit pushups – flapjack
  • Round 3:  partner 1 does 10×4 derkins while partner 2 does peter parkers – flapjack

Circle up for Loser Leaves Town (6 MOM):  Star planks, side oblique crunches, high slow flutters, LBC’s, 6 inch leg hold for 5-count each around the horn


QOD:  True humility is not thinking less of yourself but rather thinking of yourself less. – C.S.  Lewis


  • claps to Flatline for laying out the workout and knocking out his first Q.   Dropped a Cobra Clutch on the maiden voyage.  #sgtslaughterwouldbeproud
  • as the Nature Boy says, if you’re gonna talk the talk, you better walk the walk.  The Pax definitely did that today.  Earned the right for the mumble chatter.  Way to bring it men.  Wooooooooooo! 
  • another call to HC for the GoRuck Challenge on May 25.  You need to be there, and your brothers need you there with them.  Post on the home page link if you are in.
  • thanks to Orwell for sharing the pocket crosses and reminding us all of the hope and promise of Easter.
  • given the day’s theme, very fitting that @Maize closed us out with a strong testimony of the essence of F3 teamwork demonstrated so well by one Jonathan Utah at last week’s Spartan and the encouragement to renew our headlocks of those brothers around us who may just be waiting to be asked.