We had unexpectedly high numbers come out Friday to try and beat down the cold. We started out with 20 count mountain climbers followed by windmills. After that we were serendipitously located directly under a parking deck T-Beam upon which we could do pullups. We did our first round of 7 only to revisit later. We then strolled over to some nice turf to do some impromptu Mary. I honestly can’t remember what we did, so we’ll just say it was LBCs, Freddie Mercuries, cannon balls and hello dollies. Next we moved on to the rail where we did some “Australian Pullups and Chin-ups”. I’m relying on White Shoe for the proper naming of said activity. We did a 15 count of the pullups and a 10 count of the chin-ups before moving on to some new turf. At the next activity station we churned out some more ab work. This ab work included Rosalita’s, Windshield wipers, Russian Hammers and possibly one additional exercise but it was too early to recall. I thought the Pax and my arms had adequately recovered to try some more T-Beam pullups at an alternative location. We squeezed out another 7 then ran up the 5 story parking deck to assume a high plank position. We also morphed into Sarkozy’s and Putin’s since we were there. Once we were all back on our feet we circled the parking deck with walking lunges and karaoke. The next stop would be a wall upon which to do dips and alternating left/right step-ups. I like this wall as it is relatively high for step-up and makes for an additional challenge. On the return leg of our journey we stopped off one more time for another round of T-Beam pullups, 5 to finish it off. With only a couple minutes to spare we closed it out with some alternating oblique crunches then a quick COT.