Led by TARP, written by TARP, respected as always by the PAX.

15 brave PAX gathered in the light rain to move some earth and get ready for the beach.  Barney Rubble would be proud.


Warm up Run
SSH X 25
Mountain Climbers x 20
Windmills x 20
Fazio Circles x 7
Reverse Fazio Circles x 7

Indian Run back to Park entrance

Speed Bump Merkins x 15

FlintSTONES workout

Left/Right Stone raises x 20
Left/Right Stone stepups x 20
Rock Press x 30
Left/Right Stone stepups x 20
Rock Curls x 30
Left/Right Stone stepups x 20

Rinse and Repeat

Group work x 3
1 – Overhead rock carry and run around the Island of Pain
2 – Rock hold squats

Side shuffle squats x 30 yards right x 2
Side shuffle squats x 30 yards left x 2

TD merkins x 20
Squats x 20
Miyagi merkins x 20
Single leg dead lifts x 20
Carolina dry docks x 15

Sisyphus hill run

World War II sit ups x 15
Russian Hammers x 15
Long slow flutters x 15


“It’s not worth an intelligent man’s time to be in the majority. By definition, there are already enough people to do that.” – G.H. Hardy


-Finally a mid 50s morning to greet the PAX, who cares about the rain when you don’t have to wear gloves for a change.

-Fungo and Cotton reunited this morning at F3, they were apparently on a Championship Dodgeball team circa 2010ish. That movie was more inspiring than I remembered I guess. #antiglobogym

-Pullen Park tomorrow at 6am and every Tuesday going forward – FNG Friendly workout led by Howard.

-Prayers for the Money Hose family are in order, pulling for a quick recovery so the boys can be boys.

-Well wishes to CK on his competition in CA this weekend…back in the saddle!