3 of Durham’s finest got their buns out of bed and on top of a parking deck before 5am to start their day off right..

Yog, Leg stretches, Side Shuffles, Arm Stretches, SSH, slow merkins

The beast – 4 cones, 10 yards apart – 6 reps at 6 stations for 6 rounds
1) Alternating jump lunges with duck walk
2) Merkins with running
3) Air squats with side shuffle
4) Carolina drydocks with backwards running
5) Snowboarders with high knees
6) Leg up merkins with butt kickers

Yog, Leg stretches, Yog, Arm Stretches
Dips/plank/skydiver circuit


I’m no longer sad to say that I missed the Beast the first 2 times it was in Durham
Duck walk and jump lunges were a bad combination to start with
Each pair = 1, not each leg… we did 6, not 12
We all hope that Floyd isn’t ruining the last 6 months of F3 work down in Aruba… hopefully the M notices though