The Forge is a place where a hunk of metal is heated, beaten, and shaped into something useful, powerful, different.  On the inaugural meeting of the Forge the flames were fanned and the fires stoked.  The first of many beatings to shape and strengthen took place.  It is here the mettle of our metal will be challenged.  The strength of our convictions will be tested.  The depth of our passion will be proved.

THE FIRES ARE LIT: Seven faithful gathered at the new FNG friendly workout on Tuesdays at Pullen Park, Raleigh.  The shovel flag is planted and F3 is explained to the new comers.

THE BELLOWS ARE WORKED: The group did a quick meander to the stone circle for a warm up.  SSHx20/Imperial Walkers x 15/Mountain Climbers x 12/ Merkins x 8.

THE COALS STIRRED: Stumble in the darkness from the stone circle to the stairs for Robert Plant x2, and then to the upper parking lot for some sets of quick-feet and squats (x10-x8-x5)

THE FIRST HEATING: Saunter up to the upper field for a little L McPherson in the dark. Squats/Offset Merkins/Russian Hammers.

ON THE ANVIL: Stumble in the dark until we can find our way to Pain Island (throwing in some walking lunges for fun).  Plank-O-Rama – High x 10, Putin x 8, Sarkozy x 8, Low x 5

THE SECOND HEATING: Pick up the pace and run to the Amphitheater for jump ups and dips (10x-8x-5x)

THE TEMPERING: Six Minutes of Mary (Freddie Mercury x 15/Hello Dolly x 15, LBC x 15, Dying Cockroach x 10, Rosalitas x 10, Russian Hammers x 10, Peter Parkers x 10)

ON THE ANVIL: A short stroll to the playground led us to a swing set.  Pull ups x 3 and squats as we rotate turns on the bar.



Naked Moleskin:  We had a nice group for a launch.  Great  to have two FNGs find their way through the gloom to make a downPAINment on a chilly Tuesday.  Chewie, Cinderella, and Gridlock doing some EHs on fellow small group members.  It was great to have Lamp join us, hope you keep with us.   Pullen is dark, very dark, once you get beyond the lighted sidewalks.  We had the park to ourselves until COT when two runners came and went.  I look forward to the time when we see these folks take their time as Q.  Blessed to be a part of it all.