Driving in to Fletcher, I was bemoaning yet another morning of the seemingly endless grind that is Winter 2014.  Same old, same old.  Six degrees of separation later, we have the theme for today’s workout.  After all, I’m just another Fool in the Rain.  Tip of the cap to Robert and Jimmy for the inspiration.

The Thang:

Ramble On a warmup jog past the basketball court and the pond/recessive gene pool and up the hill to the field (or whatever is left of it post Blitz).  F3 Dads should be, uh, interesting.

Warm up circle in The Crunge (aka When The Levee Breaks): Plank jacks x 20 (Pax favorite), Prisoner Squats x 20, Good Mornings x 15, Ski Abs x 15 (another Pax favorite)

Head over to the tennis courts for some Traveling Riverside Blues:

  • Standard 2-court suicides followed by recovery plank and standard merkins x 10
  • Side Shuffle 2-court suicides followed by recovery plank and stagger left merkins x 10
  • Bear crawl – crab walk 2-court suicides followed by recovery plank and People’s Chair
  • Traveling Broad Jump Burpees across 2 courts and back followed by stagger right merkins x 10

Jog up to Stone Circle for the Misty Mountain Hop:  11’s with wall jump-ups and derkins

Circle up for No Quarter (aka 4 minutes of Mary):  Rosa-dollies x 20, Reverse LBC’s x 20, Hammers x 20, WW2’s x 15 (yet another Pax favorite)

In My Time of Dying (at least YHC’s time of dying): Head to upper parking lot for the following:

  • little baby curb dips (LBD’s) x 20, curb irkins x 15, then sprint one lap
  • LBD’s x 15, curb irkins x 10, (wait for local Broughton hipster to exit vehicle and light up a heater), then sprint two laps
  • LBD’s x 10, curb irkins x 5, then sprint three laps

Jog/lung walk back Over the Hills and Far Away to picnic shelter for COT

The Skin:

  • Embrace the Suck has been pushed to the limit this winter.  Tclaps to all Pax that continue to post despite the conditions.  Additional respect to those doubling down for ruck training, kettle bells, etc. in the extra special gloom. Keep fighting the good fight & don’t let #Cantorre be a Heartbreaker.  William Cobb Maize promises a Celebration Day is ahead.
  • No Communication Breakdown this morning. #GrumbleChatter in full effect with Wendell Gee and Au Pair in attendance. I think I heard Flops join the chorus at one point. #BarkMoreWagLess
  • What Is And What Should Never Be:  Wendell Gee’s lime green jersey.  Wonder if it matches Digger Phelps’ highlighter.
  • Your Time Is Gonna Come: Post your HC’s to The Ram (Saturday), F3 Dads (Saturday), 3rd F Dinner (next Tuesday) and GoRuck (5/3).
  • Good Times Bad Times:   I closed by sharing that I’ve been reading through the Psalms during Lent.  I’ve heard the Psalms referred to as one of the earliest forms of blues music, and I believe it to be true. One of the consistent themes is the Psalmist’s willingness to boldly and openly share his struggles, worries, anxieties and fears with the Lord.  I think we can take great encouragement that our Creator wants us to share our “crap” with Him so that He can walk with us and hold us up as we slog through.  Psalm 40 is a great example of this and the hope that God can provide. Chong took us out by having us all pray the Lord’s Prayer as one.