For the 2nd morning in a row, YHC rolled into PAX waiting in cars, at what I’m guessing was an attempt to stay warm.  After a few words with the Big Guy, out into the balmy 37 degree mist to await YHC’s first Q in the Jungle.  The group grew to 23 with one FNG, after a quick disclaimer, we were off for a brisk stroll around the back parking deck, past Zima’s whip, to the bank parking lot for warm up’s.

The Thang:

Warm ups, SSH x 15, Good Mornings x 15, Sir Fazio Arm Circles x 10 each way, Imperial Walkers x 15, Windmills x 15

Mosey to the corner, cross Six Forks, down the steps to the parking lot that is soon to be Tower 2

Find a spot for a little early morning hill climbing; bear crawl to the top, 5 burpies, backwards bear crawl back down.  Repeto the ascent and descent method with 10 merkins at the top.

Jog through the tunnel into the Cap Trust parking deck, divide into 2 groups.

1st group runs a level then does exercise, while 2nd group does exercise then runs, 3 levels this way: prisoner squats, merkins, burpies.

Find a spot on the wall for dips and derkins, x 10, 2 sets of each, recover on the way over to the bottom of the next section.

Find a partner for a merkin relay to the top, partner 1 does 10 merkins while partner 2 runs up, partner 1 runs to catch 2 and 2 does 10 merkins then runs.  As YHC is not a “runner” he found most of the PAX waiting at the top for him.

After a few 10 counts we headed back down, group 1 runs karaoke 1 level then does 20 prisoner squats while group 2 does 20 prisoner squats then runs karaoke, next level is backwards run and star jumps.  Somewhere in there we did a little peoples chair too. Run an additional level and have a short plank-o-rama.

Find the stairs and make our way to the bottom, past 2 of Raleigh’s finest discussing cases in their cruisers over donuts and coffee, the same thing they were doing on our way up.  Plank at the bottom and wait for the PAX.

Yog back to the Six Forks corner for some plank and merkins while waiting on the light.  Finish the Yog back to the starting point.

Wet Mary; LBC’s x 35, Freddie Mercury’s x 15, High Slow Flutters x 15, 6 inch leg hold 5 count around the PAX

COT:  Psalms 139: 7-12 Tells us that there is nowhere we can go that God is not only with us but holding us, the darkness is as light to Him.  Don’t be afraid He is there.  Wherever you are, top of the mountain or bottom of the valley, He not only sees us, but is with us guiding us.  Encourage someone today with the promises of God’s presence.  If you don’t know Jesus personally, ask one of your f3 brothers to tell you more.

Prayers for Cherie Berry’s daughter to be healed from Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, 2nd time this year a tick has passed this on to her, they believe it was caught in time to treat.  Same praises for Orwell’s mom.  Pray for all F3 men dealing with injuries from the gloom and otherwise.

Please sign up for the Arena if your able, a 3rd F opportunity in a 1st F setting, we need men to be present, to encourage men of the Healing Place to step out in faith with us.  Orwell has the Q this weekend, follow this link to sign up, there is only 2 F3 men signed up for this weekend.  We need you there!

3rd F Dinner next Tuesday at Tylers Tap Room Seaboard Station.