8 PAX braved the wilderness at Danger Zone this morning.  Only YHC knew we were on a bigfoot hunt and everyone else was just bait.  YHC technically came up with the bigfoot theme post workout but who’s honestly keeping track here.  The truth is it was supposed to be a dualing rappers event today but Cee-Lo had a family emergency so we had to improvise.  Great work by all..

The Thang

To cover our basis we started our bigfoot search in the parking lot.

  • Jog around the parking lot
  • SSH x21
  • Good Mornings x20
  • Merkin x15
  • Mountain Climbers x20
  • Peter Parkers x20
  • Fazio x10
  • Reverse Fazio x10
  • Emperial Walkers x20

No bigfoot here.  Lets check the woods.. perhaps some gorilla noises will help draw him out.

Stairway to Heaven
We jogged behind the rock wall to the field for some fun hill work.

  • SSH x10 while Kanye sets up
  • Bearcrawl between stations
  • Merkins x2,4,6,8,10
  • LBC x15
  • Gorilla hop between stations
  • Gorilla jumps (Basically a sumo squat ground slap with a jump.. see what we did there 🙂 x2,4,6,8,10
  • Squat Hold x10
  • Run between stations
  • Star Jumps x2,4,6,8,10
  • Low Slow Futter x15
  • Jazzersize left x15
  • Jazzersize right x15
  • Bridge march left x15
  • Bridge march right x15

No luck.. lets look a litter deeper.

Jog down the trail to the paver landing

  • Merkins x15
  • Dry Docks x15
  • Irkins x15
  • Derkins x15
  • Air Squats x10
  • Merkins x10
  • Dry Docks x10
  • Irkins x10
  • Derkins x10
  • Fazios x10
  • Reverse Fazios x10

No bigfoot here.. lets circle back and check the high country.  Bigfoot eats bear and crab right?

The Bridge
Jog up the hill, not skipping any steps along the way, to the high bridge.

  • Bear crawl halfway
  • Crab walk to the finish
  • Squat hold
  • Turnaround (and you thought we were done with the bridge)
  • Lunge walk halfway
  • Bear crawl to the finish
  • Squat hold

Still no luck.. guess we’ll have to search another day.

6 minutes of Mary
We jogged back up the hill to the playground area and found us a nice spot in the woods for some mary.

  • LBCs x10
  • Reverse LBCs x10
  • Poke the hole x10
  • Rosalitas x10
  • Hello Dolly’s x10
  • Nipple slappers x10
  • Plank-o-rama (High plank, bird dogs)
  • WWIIs x10 (Single-Wide)
  • Chillcut hold x20 (Banjo)


  • Prayers for Cee-lo and his family
  • Prayers for Carl and his family (friend of Artois)
  • New Cary workout on Thursdays
  • Baileywick BETA starting May 30th
  • The Weekend Crick Saturdays are running full steam ahead
  • June 7th, Wilmington Launch
  • Blueridge relay is getting a third team together
  • YHC took us out.