Sleeveless kicked off at 0500 with 3 PAX. Crazy Ivan got started at 0530 with 5 PAX. Cletus had 12 to start at 0545. Deadbolt blasted off for 9 miles after warm ups. EC to Patch on the week for wearing breath taker. YHC was running on 5 hours sleep thanks to a great Thursday night game and a Raiders win. It was another chilly October morning, no FNG’s for Cletus. FIA looked to have as many PAX as F3 meaning the fartsack was strong this AM. Here’s how we got things done.

Jog down to field near baseball fields where it is pitch black
Butt kickers and high knees on the way down

Warms ups
Air Squared x20
Windmills x20
Cotton Pickers x20
Up/Downs x10
Partner Up – 1 yr in F3 come to middle then get with partner on outside

The Rock Track
1 medium rock per group, go to black track
-Start at pavilion – 1 partner runs clockwise without the rock while other partner does lunges with the rock overhead. Switch partners once you meet back up, roughly rock half way to corner of track. Rock stays moving counter clockwise. Go until rock gets to dog pooper can. Teams then leave rocks and jog down to amphitheater and AMRAP dips on wall until 6th does 20 count.
-Back to track, same concept. Rock advances this time doing crab walk while holding rock in lap and partner 2 runs. Switch when partner gets back. Stop at white ladders for merkins on fence. 10 reps each row, lower level, middle, upper level ladder for total 30 reps.
-Back to track, same concept. Rock advances with duck walk, P2 runs. Stop at next corner where dog pooper can is. Plank jacks 20 count IC. (Crazy Ivan joins)
-Back to track. Rock advances with bear crawl while teams pushing/sliding rock down track. Stop at far tennis court. Hand release burpees x10. Return rocks to pile.

Australian Mtn Climbers (Vertical Mtn Climbers) x10 IC 2 rounds

Reverse LBC’s x20
Pretzels x20 each side
Side Ups x20 each side
4 corners x15

Verse : Matthew‬ ‭6:34‬
“Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about its own things. Each day has enough trouble of its own.”
-Take care of today and minimize your worries each and every day

Circle up for name-o-rama.
Announcements: running workouts and upcoming events. Tires need moving from Starks old house by Tuesday.
Prayer Requests: Smith Family (FVFD officer past away), Crab Legs, Baby Mamas

Slide Rule has graciously picked up Cletus as co-site Q. Look for more frequent punishment from his leadership in the future. It was a pleasure leading you guys around the track this morning.

BS Out!