With the VSF planted and 12 Pax raring to go, the disclaimer was given and workout flyers handed out ahead of our 2nd running of THE Roanoke Rick. Let’s do it.



  • Lap around the park, explaining the stations and answering questions about the course

THE Roanoke Rick

Roanoke Rick is a 14-station course spread the across the park and parts of the Five Points neighborhood. It is meant to be run at MAX effort, as fast as possible, sprints between stations, and with a brief recovery time between rounds. Pax work alone (or together) aiming for as many rounds as possible. Good luck.

  • START: Bench Press x 10
  • PAVILION: Dead Hang Pull-ups x AMRAP (10 max)
  • BENCHES: Burpee Box Jumps x 10
  • 1st SWING SET: Swing Derkins x 10, Australian Pull-ups x 10
  • 2nd SWING SET: Monkey Crawl across top bar and back
  • FENCE BY PLAY AREA: Alternating Fence Hops
  • BASKETBALL COURT: Bear-Gorilla-Crab one court length each (3 lengths total)
  • SIDEWALK BEHIND COURT: 55 lb. Kettle Bell Swings x 10
  • CHEROKEE & BICKETT: 80 lb. Heavy Pipe Zercher Squats x 10
  • FAIRVIEW RD: Sprint up hill to top
  • FAIRVIEW & AYCOCK: 10 burpees
  • AYCOCK: Lunge walk 100 yds to corner of Cherokee & Aycock
  • PARK: Sled push 30 yds to cone, turn and push back
  • PARK: Heavy Bag drag 25 yds to cone, turn and drag back
  • Sprint to starting line

Rinse and repeat AMRAP.

A Few Minutes of Mary (led by Velvet)

  • LBC x 20
  • 6″ leg hold x 5 count around the circle
  • Freddies x 25


  • Looks like most pax completed ~2 rounds each. Strong work given the heat and humidity – as they say, this was not nothin’.
  • Only workouts tomorrow are Juggernaut and Late Nite
  • Extra Debt starting soon at Forge (?) – see Fazio for details
  • Prayers for Dufresne’s family
  • Have a safe 4th of July