Wonk planted the shovel flag on the hallowed grounds of Downtown Cary for nine PAX members to endure a pre-4th work-out.


COP – SSH, good morning, mountain climber, merkin, and peter parker.

Mosey down the street for some seven’s. Partner up. Size and speed always matters.

Partner A runs to the stop sign and does a progressive burpee for each set. Partner B alternates between merkins and squats while his partner is running.

Mosey to courtyard of Cary building. Partner burpee jumps. One partners does burpees for a minute jumping over the back of your partner after each set. x2 per person. #crowdfavorite

Mosey to Fidelity Bank circle at Main and Main. Grab a box. Each PAX member leads a box work-out to seven. #practiceyourcadence

Mosey to retail center. Sprints x2. Plank when your partner sprints. Bear crawl to middle, 10 partner handshakers, backwards bearcrawl back to start.

Mosey to start. Boat/Canoe for one minute.


Naked Moleskin:

– Missed several BO regulars this morning as I can only assume that the holiday weekend started early. RipTide, Saban, and Big Burt…I’m pointing at you.
– When my boy Burt pushes it during the COP, he sounds like his is giving birth. He’s the Sharapova of F3 Cary. Outside of his grunting noise, dude picks them up and puts them down each week! Major Larry Bird!
– Here forth Lumbergh/Thornburg/Lumburger is Lumbergh. I have no idea why you got that name but it’s a good one. Peter Lumbergh is a cult movie sensation so I’d hold on to that one! #controversyover
– Grease Monkey isn’t good with an alarm clock. Two weeks in a row he comes flying in on two wheels late to the work-out. Let’s turn off the snooze feature on your phone, bro!
– Wonk – Shovel flag dropped. Nuff said. Let’s keep that between us…or whoever reads this post.


– New Cary/Apex work-out starting at 6:00 Monday July 14th at Apex Community Park (off Laura Duncan). Be there. Bring your friends.


– Praise for Burt’s cousin, Prayers for Wonk’s friend and GM’s grandpa.
– Wonk took us out. Thanks, brother.

Always an honor to spend the morning with the men of F3,