22 PAX attended Vortex’s (or is it Vortex’) maiden Q at Urban Jungle including 3 FNGs.

Mosey over to the fake grass area beside Starbucks for Warm-Up…

20 Side Straddle Hops, 15 Good Mornings, 12 Sir Fazio Arm Circles (each direction) and 15 Imperial Walkers.

Cross Six Forks quickly thanks to good stop light karma and head to the Cowfish parking lot for The Thang…

Partner up for some twisted variation of 11s and Jacobs Ladder.  Partner 1 runs to the middle of the parking lot, 10 merkins, run to the hill, bear crawl up, run down and back to the middle for 1 squat, return to starting position.  Flapjack with Partner 2 who was enjoying OYO Mary.  Repeato as a team until you get to 1 merkin and 10 squats.  EC to those who were initially confused by my confusing instructions and thought that each person had to complete their own 11s instead of doing it as a team.

Jog/karaoke over to the amphitheater and locate your partner.  Partner 1 runs across to the opposite bench for 10 step ups and back.  Flapjack with Partner 2 who was going all out on irkins. Repeato until you reach 100 irkins as a team.  Round Two consisted of 10 seal jacks and 125 combined dips.

Off to the rock pile.  Circle up and hand your rock to the person on your right for curls, shoulder presses, rows and tricep presses x12.  Rotate your rock one more time and same exercises x10.

Back to the stoplight with less karma this time.  LBCs until it is semi-safe to cross.  Back to JCP for 6 inch leg holds to a 5 count by each member of the PAX.

Announcements – Mud Run (which apparently is not 100 miles long as I mistakenly believed).  Since that time Larry David has convinced me to sign up.

Prayer Requests – Dufresne’s family.

Ball of man to close things out.  My apologies for forgetting the identity of the PAX member who led us out.

Props to my brother-in-law (FNG Caladryl) who joined us even though he was just visiting from VA and to (I believe) Swirly for the catchy title to my post.  Hope I didn’t screw it up too bad and looking forward to next time!