12 PAX ventured out into the gloom to celebrate the weatherman missing the boat on a severe thunderstorm, but rest assured, a little rain did fall. The puddles were there, but QIC don’t care. So suck it up boys and don’t fall behind.

Good mornings
Half windmill
Imperial walkers

To the track – Partner up – Bear crawl in opposite directions and don’t stop til you meet – 20 prisoner squats
Lunge walk in opposite directions and stop when you meet – 20 star jumps

Bball court – tiny 11s – 1 monkey humper- crab walk to other side -10 CDDs – crab walk back

To the carpool line shelter – partner derkins to 100 (25×4);
Partner WW2 x 25
Partner hand clap merkins x 25

To the picnic shelter – sets of 20: RL step ups, LR step ups, RL step ups, LR step ups with Mary between each set; mix in 3 sets of 20 erkins for good measure.

Amidst the moaning and groaning about your gloves being wet, remember what the great Bob Plant once said: “Upon us all a little rain must fall, Just a little rain? ooooh, yeah yeah yeah!”

Praise for Footlocker’s wrist – it ain’t broke!
Grady took us out.