8 Pax showed up for a very wet day at Weekend Crick.  Other workouts might be discouraged by such a situation but we are no strangers to rain here.

Pre Ruck
Spurrier and Kanye showed up at 615 for a 35 minute pre-ruck.  This is the second week we’ve had a ruck session and hope to make the workout official in September.  Candlestick will be the ruck master once he returns from the beach!  We rucked to Trali, did merkins x6 and squats x6 at alternating light poles, 10 in total. Rucked back with a bear crawl at the end for a total of 2 miles or so.


  • SSH x10
  • Proper Mountain Climbers x10
  • Good mornings x10
  • Merkins x10
  • Windmills x10
  • Half Windmills x10
  • Dan Janzens x10

The Trek
YHC opted for a cardio day at Weekend Crick with exercise stations sprinkled throughout.  The route we took went down globe,  turn down the road by the day care and loop around the hotel and back to start.


  • Quick feet x10
  • Irkins x10
  • Bear crawl
  • Back peddle
  • Karaoke
  • Karaoke reverse
  • Little Baby Dips x10
  • Derkins x10
  • Indian Run x5
  • Reverse LBC x10
  • Slow Flutter 40 count
  • Box Cutters x10

The plan here was to break into two groups of 4.  Technically this is a three man relay but we just had two guys run together on each team.  First guy runs to the top of the hill and starts doing squats.  Second guy runs to the top of the hill to relieve first guy while 3rd guy stays behind and does merkins.  Once first guy has been relieved he runs back down the hill to relieve 3rd man doing merkins.  3rd guy now runs to the top to relieve 2nd guy and so on..  We still have some kinks to work out here, but it’ll be back 🙂

  • Merkins
  • Squats
  • Plank Jacks
  • LBCs
  • repeato

Back to the Trek
Keep on jogging and doing stations until we get back to the school.

  • Merkins Stagger Left x10
  • Merkins Stagger Right x10
  • LBCs x10
  • Back peddle
  • Karaoke
  • Reverse Karaoke
  • Calf Raises x10
  • Curb Hoppers x10
  • Burpees x15
  • Bear crawl 80 yards
  • Crab walk

The Rail
While jogging past the culvert at the entrance to the school, The situation thought YHC said to crabwalk on the rail.. That gave YHC the idea to do a little more on the rails.

  • Rail press and hold x10
  • Rail hold for 40 count
  • Assisted Pullup x10
  • Reverse Pullup grip x10
  • Balls to the wall while the guys take turns bearcrawling down the line


  • Rosalita x10
  • 6 inch leg hold 40 count


  • Solid work by everyone.
  • Tclaps to Snapchat for getting through the workout today!
  • Tclaps to Single-Wide & YHC for 6 posts this week
  • Tcalps to Erie for three consecutive 5 post weeks!
  • Mud run 10/5
  • The Mule 10/25
  • New workouts The Judge and A-Team
  • New 3rd F at Pullen
  • Beta Ruck training Saturdays at Weekend Crick @615
  • We discussed reaching out to Churam for a mini convergence at TBL.. labor day perhaps?
  • Prayers for our injured brothers and our servicemen overseas
  • Higgins took us out