11 PAX converged on the Danger Zone to celebrate Cee-Lo’s 52nd birthday with a game of 52-card pickup. Even a couple of Raleigh’s elite shaggers performed a fly-by.

SSH x 20
Good Mornings x 20
Sir Fazio Arm Circles x 10 each way
Imperial walkers x 20

Here’s how it works:
Selected PAX picks a card that is marked with an exercise. The 52 cards are then thrown (scattered) on the ground for the chosen PAX to pick up one at a time in a Squat motion (52 squats). While that PAX is picking up the cards, the remaining PAX perform AMRAP of the exercise on the chosen card. Once the cards are picked up (52 squats complete), the selected PAX leads the group in 5 more reps of the chosen exercise.

Another PAX is chosen and takes us to another part of the Danger Zone for REPEATO.

Got it?

Exercises chosen / performed:
– Mountain climbers
– Burpees
– Russian Hammers
– Plank Jacks
– LBCs
– Heels to Heaven
– Wide-grip Merkins
– Jack Webbs
– Man Makers
– Jump Lunge


Cee-Lo closes out with prayer.